Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Did you know that keeping a secret, lying harm your mental...

The first thing you should know is that everyone has secrets and lying is just a part of life. The second thing you should know is that your secrets and lies affect your wellbeing emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Why your child lies to you

Lying is a conscious alteration of the truth with the intention of deceiving. There needs to be an intention of deceiving in order for a lie to exist. If not, it is just a mistake.

How to know when your child is lying

It can be tricky for parents to tell whether their kids are telling them the truth or they’re lying. It is never good to have a lying child...

7 Questions you should ask yourself when you find out you’re...

For today, outlined before you are the five questions you’ll have to ask yourself in response to such shock. And should you be inclined to kid yourself while under romantic duress, we’ve also suggested your best answers.

5 Things that can slowly kill a marriage, according to marriage...

When it comes to divorce, a lot of people think it is caused by infidelity or lying to your spouse about your finances… those are certainly some of the reason.

4 Strategies that will help your kids resist lying to you

Parents understandably get very upset when their kids lie. They often also feel disappointed and hurt upon hearing lies from their children. They