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Valentines: 22 amazing dresses in pink and red colours for the...

It's the season of love people and we all know how it gets. Valentines Day dresses are not so easy to pick, and we can help you.

6 Simple steps to get an A-list glow according to a...

Glowing in the harmattan season can be a serious struggle due to the cold and dust affecting our skin. 

7 Tips that leave you looking beautiful without makeup this week

It's still Detty December guys. While we all want to look beautiful for different reasons, the good news is that you don’t always need makeup to look beautiful.

Ladies: Amazing fashion tips for the festive season

It’s that time of the year again and the streets are already being decorated with glittering lights and décor, interesting events are being held every day...

4 Makeup tricks that will leave you looking polished in less...

Who has 30 minutes to perfect their makeup in the morning? We don’t! Here you'll find four high-impact steps that get you pretty in a jiffy.

Handy hacks: How to rock makeup with glasses

If you wear glasses on a daily basis and love putting on makeup, you probably understand the struggle of doing your makeup in a way that compliments your frames.

Common DIY detox water drinks for weight loss and cleansing –...

Detoxification or cleansing is as important as removing makeup before going to sleep every night. For a healthy body and mind, you need to get rid of all the toxins in your body.

Is it okay for women to shave their face?

We women are always on a neverending quest for smooth facial skin. In recent times, shaving has definitely become the fastest and easiest way to get rid of peach fuzz and get smoother skin.

Getting rid of under eye wrinkles just got easier

The skin is the beauty of a lady. If the skin is wrinkled, worse still, around the eyes, it becomes a cause for concern especially because it makes most ladies look older.

What effect does your makeup have on your vision?

The skin on your face... around your eyes and mouth especially... is some of the most sensitive on your entire body and they are the ones that suffer...

How to deal with a sweaty vagina this season

You’ve likely dealt with it all: pit stains, damp bras, butt sweat, and makeup that doesn’t last past lunch—but as the days get longer (and so much hotter), you may find yourself combating sweat around your vaginal area, too. 

Easy pretty makeup ideas for the week

There are plenty ideas of pretty makeup for the week and we found the most popular and easy-to-apply ones. It’s time for you to diversify the types of makeup you wear.

Step-by-step guide on how to apply makeup in the correct order

Majority of women look for makeup tips and application techniques that provide the "sparkle" without looking made up or overdone.

Simple tips to look beautiful without makeup this week

A lot of ladies love to make up, but deep down, having a beautiful skin is something we all aim for. And the good news is that you don’t always need makeup...

10 Reasons why you should use milk of magnesia for your...

Milk of magnesia is also known as magnesium hydroxide. It is great for skin care if you have oily skin. Milk of magnesia can combat oily skin and impart...

3 Lovely makeup looks to try this weekend

The weekend is here… it’s time to hang out with friends, go to the movies or even go on a date, and in all this, ladies… you need to look really classy.

How to make a 2-ingredient makeup primer

Makeup primers are essential to give you a flawless and blurred skin texture and also to make your makeup last long. Primers make the foundation go on smoothly...

3 Exceptional makeup looks for the weekend

The weekend is almost here… it’s time to hang out with friends, go to the movies or even go on a date, and in all this, ladies… you need to look really classy.

Common mistakes people make when applying concealer

Whether you’re covering up blemishes or prepping your skin, concealer is a must have. But chances are that you might be making some avoidable mistakes with your makeup...

Deep clean your brushes with this vinegar makeup brush cleaner

Your makeup brushes need extra care for them to be in pristine condition. Cleaning your brushes regularly will not only get rid of any bacteria that can cause breakouts...