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5 Common health mistakes we all need to stop making

These everyday habits are mostly regarded as irrelevant but we are ignorant of the fact that they might be harmful to our health.  It’s very essential and to pay attention to them so as to avoid their different effects on the health.

Become a pro with this gold smokey eye makeup tutorial!

Smokey eyes exude a sense of power. And I absolutely love to acquire that. When it comes to a signature makeup look, smokey eyes is my go to. Of course, the right occasion and technique are quite important for the smokey eye.

Underwear facts: Did you know…?

You wear underwear every day (or most days at least), but how much do you really know about it? You know your preferred colour and style, sure, but there is probably a lot you do not know.

Special spa treats everyone deserves!

You definitely deserve some pampering! What better treat than a spa treat! This can be done in the spa or right in the comfort of your home.

Simple ways to introduce meditation into your everyday lifestyle

Meditation is the ultimate multitasker. It clears your mind, may help lower blood pressure and relieve depression and anxiety, and could even reduce the severity of IBS symptoms.

Amazing ways to style your floral shoes!

Many ladies have pretty floral shoes wasting away in their closets because they are wondering how to style it. This post is coming to your rescue!

Important skin care tips every lady should know

Skincare is one of the best things you can do for yourself. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive products.

Could this be the reason you get so sweaty around your...

You’ve likely dealt with it all: pit stains, damp sports bras, and makeup that doesn’t last past lunch—but as the days get longer (and so much hotter), you may find yourself combating sweat around your lady bits, too.

Up your fashion game this week with these work outfit ideas

It's another beautiful week and you deserve to look beautiful. Looking beautiful is not just about wearing makeup, your outfit matters also. So have a beautiful week this week with these amazing outfit ideas:

When is the right time to toss my makeup?

Here are some tips on how to keep your makeup clean and maintain it for a beautiful and exceptional glow. It's not far-fetched that most people do not know how to maintain their make-up kits.

5 Care tips for a flawless skin

Skincare is one of the best things you can do for yourself. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive products. There are some simple everyday things you can do to greatly improve the health of your skin.

Ladies: How to use your makeup as a fashion accessory

Makeup can be done in different ways to enhance your personal image and that’s why we are going to explain to you step by step what the most flattering and easy trends this season are, to help you look absolutely beautiful.

The right makeup look for different occasions

Makeup is something that can look different for everyone. Some people can pull off a dramatic eye look, while others may think that it looks ridiculous on them.

How to always look adorable with these 7 fashion secrets

When it comes to looking adorable, every lady deserves a fair trial and no one should be found wanting. Unfortunately, most ladies do not know how to look adorable.

5 Things a lady does that make her TOTALLY unapproachable

Are you completely baffled by the fact that guys never ask you out or even seem attracted to you? You are probably starting to wonder at this point what is wrong with you. Your insecurities completely get the best of you, and you beat yourself up inside.

Here’s the right makeup for your eye shape

Just because your friend is wearing a smokey eye doesn't mean you also have to. It's important you know your eye shape, as this can help you tell what eye makeup works better for you.

Here’s what your favourite lipstick colour says about you

Every makeup loving woman knows the importance of lip wear when it comes to facial beautification. We can do our brows, fix lashes, wear contacts and apply mascara but nothing is ever the same in the absence of your lipstick.

Proper ways to apply concealer for beginners

Concealer is that beauty essential that can brighten up a face, cover up blemishes and minimize under-eye circles and discolouration. It also tends to be one of the first categories of makeup that people buy.

Beauty trends every lady needs to ditch… like NOW!

It’s important you walk into the new month with new ideas that will better your makeup routine and your overall look. See below beauty trends you should drop already:

30 Skin care rules for women who want to age slowly

Being in your 30s come with a lot of skin issues, like wrinkles and all... but these beauty tips will help reduce the wrinkles as you age slowly: