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Simple ways to make those cheap makeups work for you

Sometimes, a personal budget just won’t stretch far enough to buy premium brands of makeup. In these circumstances, unless you’re willing to go make-up free...

The simple trick you need when applying false lashes

False eyelashes are definitely appealing, for various reasons. Maybe you wish to wear them because your natural lashes are not as long and lushous as you would prefer...

Ladies: Did you know you could use your makeup as a...

Makeup can be done in different ways to enhance your personal image and that’s why we are going to explain to you step by step what the most flattering...

5 Basic skin care tips every lady should know

Skin care is one of the best things you can do for yourself. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive products.

Ladies: Could your makeup be hurting your vision?

The skin on your face... around your eyes and mouth especially... is some of the most sensitive on your entire body and they are the ones that suffer...

The colour code that will help you find the perfect makeup...

The power of red lipstick goes deep, making anyone who wears it feel sexy and empowered. That is unless the red is too dark, or too orange...

7 Hints on how to be a girly girl

If you are not totally satisfied with your looks and dispensation as a lady, then there are some simple things you can do to up your game a bit.

10 makeup ideas for Valentine’s Day

Four days to the much awaited Valentine’s Day. I’m so sure you are prep and ready for that day… but have you decided what makeup look you are going to wear?

The best smokey eye makeup for your eye shape

Smokey eye makeup will probably never lose its popularity because it looks just fabulous. However, to rock this look, you should take into account the shape of your eyes.

10 Makeup tricks you need to avoid

We have heard a lot about makeup tips and tricks we need to adopt, so today, let’s educate us about the ones we need to avoid… shall we?

Knowing the best makeup for your eye shape

Just because your friend is wearing a smokey eye doesn't mean you also have to. It's important you know your eye shape...

Makeup for glasses: How to enhance your makeup with different frames

Your cloth is not the only thing that can enhance your makeup, your glasses can also enhance your makeup.

Four signs a person is dirty

As a woman, you need to maintain high hygiene standards, because of our biological makeup. A woman is a flower, she needs to be fresh and nice smelling.

Mistakes to avoid while applying concealer

Whether you’re covering up blemishes or prepping your skin, concealer is a must have. But chances are that you might be making some avoidable mistakes...

Here’s the right order to wash your face

We all have a skincare routine; the way we wash our face and apply our products for day and night. But did you know there is actually a specific...

Beauty guide to help you apply your makeup in the right...

There is a natural order to accomplishing almost anything in life, but some things, like putting on a fresh face of makeup, are a little more complicated.

10 makeup ideas for every bride-to-be

Every bride is the center of attention at her wedding. She spends months on deciding the wedding date, the invitation lists, and the decorations.

4 Ways to get rid of makeup stains on your clothes

There’s nothing as terrifying as looking in the mirror before leaving the house and noticing a smear of red lipstick on your collar or foundation on your favourite blouse.

Natural ways to get fuller lips

Every lady wants full lips and we totally understand why. It’s not only beautiful but also bring out the best of your lip makeup.

Styling and Makeup myths we often believe but shouldn’t

We often hear a lot of advises when it comes to styling and makeups. They often come from our know it all friend, old fashioned mother and even from the lady behind the makeup counters.