Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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6 striking ways to help you think better

The better you think, the simpler your life becomes. You definitely can cut through the confusion and sharpen your thinking by following some simple steps.

4 Ways to STOP caring about the judgment of others

A lot of people make the mistake of going out of their way to elude the possibility of being negatively judged by others.

5 critical questions you need to ask yourself before taking your...

If you are considering taking your ex back after a big blunder, here are five important questions to think through before opening your heart to him again.

Dear Davina: I broke up with my boyfriend because of his...

Dear Davina, I need your help. I met a nice guy and we started dating almost immediately. I love him dearly and he loves me too. My problem with him is that he smokes cigarettes. I hate it.

15 Things you should learn to say  to children

Kids thrive on what they hear. So bear in mind that what you say can affect children either negatively or positively. In other to build your child positively, below are 15 things you should learn to say to them.

I’d rather be Divorced than Dead!

A few days ago someone shared a video on my high school forum. In the short video somebody was interviewing some young ladies about their marital preferences

5 fashion mistakes you might be making

What we wear says a lot about us and one little fashion mistake can make a mess of your effort put together. It is therefore very important to put in our best when it comes to what to or what not to wear.

Dear Davina: Am I making another mistake? Can I trust my...

This is a sequel to the letter I published earlier this week. That one where the girl was contemplating going back to a man...

Find the Mistake in this Image

So guys, here's one more puzzle before you go to bed! Focus is key. The answer is just staring right at you.

4-year-old mistakenly shot his mother in the back

Rather unfortunate. We hear that a 31-year-old Florida woman was shot with a gun in her back by her 4-year-old son while she was...