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My Divorce Story 40: Leah, I Married A Male Prostitute (Gigolo)

My divorce story 40. I went looking for my husband but he wasn't there. A lady approached me and when I asked for him enquiring if I was a client. I didn’t understand at first then I asked if she meant for the gym, she said no, home services.

My Divorce Story 38, Ojochide: It Was Either A Divorce or...

Divorce Story 38, One day my husband walked in on me helping myself with a dildo. He got mad and called me possessed. He said I was in need of deliverance.

My Divorce Story 37, Peterson, Like Mother, Like Daughter!!!

My Divorce Story 37, By the time I met my wife, her parents were divorced, all her sisters were divorcees. Our marriage true to pattern, soon followed suit

My Divorce Story 35, Blessing: I Was Sex Starved For Six...

Divorce Story 35, My husband would only have sex with me when he wants us to have another child and that would be it till the baby is probably one year old. Meanwhile he was busy dishing it out left, right and center with several side chicks.

My Divorce Story 34, Winnie: I Married A Wife Beater

Divorce Story 34. He stopped me from working and stopped giving me enough house money. I went to my parents for help. He got wind of it and he beat me up

My Divorce Story 33, Kunbi: He Caught Me With My Ex.

Divorce Story 33, My ex chose the type of cake he wanted for his wedding, paid me and walked me to the hotel lobby, only for me to meet my waiting husband, who had trailed me to the hotel.

My Divorce Story 32, Onika: Betrayed By My Sister

I came to the corridor and thought I heard a faint moan coming from the visitor’s room.  I went closer and could clearly hear two people making love I pushed open the door and there they were….my sister and my hubby. Stark naked and at it.

My Divorce Story 30, Wilson: I Married A Man

My Divorce Story: I met Hilde online and we got married after I came to the US. Two years into the marriage, I accidentally found that she used to be a man. She had undergone a complete sex change in her twenties.

My Divorce Story 29, Thelma: He Was Stingy To A Fault

My Divorce Story 29: My husband was very tight-fisted Getting him to provide for his family was an uphill task. Several times, I was forced to eat deep into my savings for funds that my husband should have been the one to providing.

My Divorce Story 28, Princess: He Treated Me As His Maid

My Divorce Story: I discovered that my husband tried to sleep with my older sister before our traditional marriage but she kept it from me because she felt I would not believe her. My husband was even the one who brought up the matter but he said my sister was seducing him and that it was a test, so I shouldn't ask her

My Divorce Story 27, Chinelo: I Married An Armed Robber

My Divorce Story 27: One morning my husband came in at about five am with a gunshot wound. I wondered if he had been robbed on his way from work. I asked to call an ambulance but he prevented me. He asked instead that I call an old friend of his. It was then I knew that indeed my husband was into something illegal.

My Divorce Story 26, Raymond: I Married A Ghetto Girl

My Divorce Story: She changed as soon as she moved into my house. She became unbearable. She demanded unreasonably from me. I built a new house for her parents within two years of our marriage. She insisted I made her a signatory to our business accounts, but I thank God I didn’t. Then she started asking about my will

My Divorce Story 25, Yemisi: Locked Out

Divorce Story 25: I travelled for 2 weeks when I got back, I found that my husband had changed the lock to the gate, and he didn't tell me, I had to get someone to help break the lock. When I entered the house, I discovered another Lady has moved into my matrimonial home. When He came home, he wasn't sorry.

My Divorce Story 24, Ann: I Married A Drug Dealing Pimp

My Divorce Story 24: After the wedding, I began to see the true character of Mike. He became abusive and for a long time, I couldn’t do anything because I felt I had no choice than to bear. He would drug me and I would sometimes wake up with another man by my side. I got to understand that he was pimping me out.

My Divorce Story 23, Titilayo: The Signs Are Always There

My Divorce Story: I began to suspect Kayode was cheating. One day I overheard Kayode talking in hush tones. He was talking to another woman on the phone. What got my attention is that he called her baby. Kayode had never used that term with me. The best he did was dear or shorten my name Titi to T-girl.

My Divorce Story 21, Naomi: I Married A Sadist

My Divorce Story: The straw that broke the camel’s back was when he beat up our daughter and burnt her fingers because she stained our white sofa with her coloured pens. I had gone to the market and returned to meet a terrible sight. He had burned her hands with pressing iron as punishment for soiling the sofa.

My Divorce Story 20, Chinazo: His Mum Never Accepted Me

My Divorce Story: As soon as I was well enough I returned to my home, lo and behold, the housemaid brought by my mother-in-law whom I had sent packing was back to the house and was heavily pregnant for my husband. I didn’t want to exchange any words with the maid, I picked my children and sued for a divorce.

My Divorce Story 19, Nene: I Married A Serial Rapist

My Divorce Story: I got to know that my darling hubby had raped a twelve-year-old in the neighbourhood. That was not all, another woman in the crowd shouted that he had raped a friend of hers too. In the confusion, police came and took him away. I saw the mother of the girl, crying her heart out.

My Divorce Story 18, Bimpe: His Mother Was A Witch

My Divorce Story: I decided to go spiritual in order to save my marriage. I encouraged my husband to join me but he flatly refused. I got pregnant again for the sixth time and lost it as the others. This time I attempted suicide. I was in a coma for a few days.

My Divorce Story 17, Tessy: I caught daddy kissing aunty Nike

My Divorce Story. My company was sending me abroad for two weeks for a training. My husband was to adjust his schedule so he could be home earlier to be with my kids. My close friend Nike, who was married as well, promised to check on them too. When I returned,, I sensed all was not well. My children seemed moody