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Fitness: Natural ways to increase your stamina

You need stamina or endurance to take up any physical activity and complete it. Stamina is nothing but the physical strength and ability to do a task...

Fitness Planning: 5 steps to get started

Starting a fitness program may be one of the best things you can do for your health. Physical activity can reduce your risk of chronic disease...

Pregnancy dos and don’ts for a safe ride…

Pregnant women are usually bombarded with contradictory information and advice from family and friends, books and “Dr Google”, which can leave them stressed and confused about how their daily actions are affecting their unborn child.

Diet Vs. Exercise: Which is better for weight loss?

In this article, we have laid down everything we know about what works for weight loss – diet or exercise or a clever combination of both.

Top reasons why exercise is important for your kids

Exercise for kids is so important, especially from a young age. However, research shows that children don’t get as much exercise as they should. Here’s why you should start teaching your kids healthy habits from young.

8 Fitness advice trainers want you to quit believing

Having an unrealistic mindset about what your workout routine should (or shouldn't) look like can leave you feeling burned out or bummed out, and fitness "facts" that are over-simplified or even straight-up false can lead you to pick up habits that won't actually help you reach your goals.

Activity helps heart attack sufferers survive, according to study

No one plans to have a heart attack; however, should one occur, a new study has determined that an active lifestyle ups the likelihood of survival.

The numerous health benefits of physical activity and keeping fit

Regular physical activity is not only designed to keep you fit. It also has several other benefits such as: Decreasing your risk of certain...

3 Weekend exercises to combat the dangers of sitting all week

The effect of sitting too much can never be over emphasised. Sitting too much each day has a negative impact on your health and shortens your life span.

What is the difference between exercise and physical activity?

Physical activity is defined as movement that involves contraction of your muscles. Any of the activities we do throughout the day that involves movement;

30-day challenge to enhance your butt, gut and abs

Often times, most of us tend to place physical activity at the bottom of our to-do list, which is completely wrong.

5 Other Reasons for Working Out Aside Weight loss

One of the major reasons why people work out is to lose weight and stay fit. But that is not the only reason why...

5 ways to avoid a heart attack

In a year, an estimated number of 2 million people experience heart attack all over the world.  For the sake of clarity,  heart attack...

4 Exercises That Enhance Blood Circulation

It's a beautiful Saturday morning... Time to make up for all the workout you missed during the week. In case you didn't know, lack...

Cardio Health Benefits of Exercise

DD Medical team explains the relationships between physical activity, physical fitness, and cardiovascular health. Research carried out links regular physical activity to better cardiovascular health,...