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Coronavirus and pregnancy: Should you be worried about your unborn child?

As it stands, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has infected more than 190 000 people in many countries around the world and continues to spread far and wide.

Parenting: 10 home remedies and tips to stop vomiting during pregnancy

Vomiting during pregnancy is common, especially during the first trimester. This is also called morning sickness. But unlike its name, most pregnant women...

Parenting: The right things to eat after vomiting during pregnancy

Since consistent vomitings can cause severe dehydration, it is important to replenish your body with nutrients by consuming certain nutrient and vitamin-rich foods and fluids.

Normal or not: 5 types of vaginal discharge during pregnancy

Although pregnancy is filled with many exciting moments and a beautiful growing belly, it can also come with some unwanted side effects, such as tender breasts...

Parenting: 10 important placenta facts every pregnant woman should know

During pregnancy, the placenta (or afterbirth) feeds and protects the baby from harmful infections while extracting microscopic, blood-soluble waste.

I find him oddly attractive – Wendy Williams sparks outrage for...

Wendy Williams has been branded 'disgraceful' for making cruel comments about Oscar-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix's 'cleft lip'.

Dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy

If you’ve experienced tingling, numbness or pain in your fingers, chances are you have some degree of carpal tunnel syndrome.

10 Important reasons why you should drink sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice is a natural drink with about 30 grams of natural sugar processed out of sugarcane. Sugarcane juice has some wonderful health benefits that have been outlined below.

The importance of a father’s role in the life of a...

A father’s love and acceptance is just as important to a child as a mother’s, suggests a recent review published in the journal Pediatrics, entitled Fathers’ Roles In The Care And Development Of Their Children.  

How to protect your pregnancy when travelling

Are you planning a trip abroad soon? Wondering how safe it will be for you and your unborn baby to travel to another country that may require mandatory vaccinations?

How much Folic acid do you need during pregnancy?

Folic acid is a type of B vitamin that's recommended for women planning a pregnancy. Taking folic acid supplements before getting pregnant...

I hope they are alright – Prince William is ‘worried’ about...

Prince William is concerned about his younger brother after Prince Harry and his wife Meghan made a series of troubling comments in a new TV documentary, a royal source has revealed.

Common things every lady needs to know about her Cervix

Cervix is the neck of the womb located at the bottom of the uterus and the top of the vulva. It has a canal, which allows passage of fluid from the body...

Our son was born blind; he can’t see with his physical...

Ojuolape Veronica Asuquo, the wife of talented singer, Cobhams Asuquo, has opened up in a new interview that their son was born blind.

Good or Bad: All you need to know about Black Pepper

Black pepper is an ancient remedy used to treat several health disorders. It is native to India and is popularly used to add flavour to various dishes.

Woman with two vaginas, double womb defies the odds to have...

A woman born with two wombs, two cervix and two vaginas defied the odds to welcome a miracle baby after being told she had...

The right foods to eat after having a baby

From the multitude of thoughts and feelings which fill you after having a baby, one of them is surely ‘oh, I should now think about losing my baby weight’.

Top pregnancy-friendly foods for every soon-to-be mum

Pregnancy nutrition can be a minefield. You just need to type the phrase into Google and more than 55 million answers will appear and that’s on top...

All you need to know about your due date!

As soon as you’ve found out whether you are pregnant or not, your next question is most likely to be, “When is the baby due?” It may come as a surprise to you...

How to handle spontaneous labour ahead of an elective C-section

For some women, natural delivery is not always the safest option. This means that the baby will need to be delivered via caesarian section.