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Dear Davina, My Sister is Accusing Me Of Being In A...

Dear Davina, I was on my way to their room to ask her something when I overheard her and her husband quarrelling in their room. They didn't see me and she was accusing the husband of sleeping with me

Dear Davina: He Keeps Lying To Me

Dear Davina, My boyfriend keeps lying to me about everything. He has lied about other women, his education level and several. I keep accepting him back because I love him but I am concerned and want to move forward.

Dear Davina, Re: My Ex Wants To Mess Up My Engagement

Dear Davina, Thanks so much for publishing my story on 23rd April on how my ex messed up my engagement. Thanks a lot for your wonderful advice. I have tried to get in touch with his pastor which didn't work out. My pastor has sent for him and he is still promising to see her.

My Divorce Story Part 5: Ike – Separation Brought Me Bliss

Pamela became abusive almost immediately after marriage. For example, if she wanted something and I forgot to get it on my way from work, she would insult me. One day I had an explosive argument with my wife and she poured water on me. She also threw our marriage certificate at me. That was the last straw.