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What to and not to talk about on first dates

The good news is you’ve got a first date coming! Now what? As you're thinking over what to talk about on a first date with a new guy, conventional wisdom suggests...

10 Unpleasant signs your ex is not over you

One of the most painful things that happen during a breakup is that people say and do things that they don’t mean. Exes act in confusing ways that can be hard to interpret.

5 Ways you destroy your attractiveness to men

Lately, I’ve noticed some deeper reasons why women struggle with attracting a good man and keeping healthy relationships going for the long-term.

Here’s exactly how long it takes to fall in love…

If you’ve been dating someone new and you're in those first exciting stages of a relationship, after a while it's common to wonder how and when you'll know if he's the one and you're both falling in love.

7 Tips to be truly honest even when it’s hard to

Another fear that comes with being honest is of being wrong. What if you’re embarrassed because you speak your mind only to learn some new information that contradicts your opinion?

Best natural mouthwashes you can make at home

Those spicy, mouthwatering delicacies and your mouth have a love-hate relationship. Your taste buds say yes, whereas the odour that emanates later says otherwise.

Can changing the way you sleep together make your relationship better?

Whether it's that you can't sleep when you're in bed together, or you end up having incompatible sleeping positions, learning how to sleep better is the best way to save your relationship in the process.

2 Ways to move past trauma in your relationship

Many people assume that two people getting into a relationship with equally harsh upbringings and past trauma is a recipe for disaster.

Update: Three more family members have died after a boy set...

The three survivors of Titi Sanumi's family, the young lady whose ex-boyfriend set her home ablaze after she called off their relationship, have died.

Can your sleep habits affect your relationship?

Your sleep habits affect your marriage more than you might think. Something as seemingly innocuous as waking up to pull back your share of the covers...

Does your relationship feel broken? Here are 10 quick questions to...

Whether you're dealing with trust issues or getting into tons of fights with the person you love when your relationship seems to be struggling it can be difficult...

Common after-birth issues almost every couple faces and their solutions!

While you were warned about the exhaustion of caring for a tiny human, you probably didn’t anticipate just how much of your time and energy your baby would require, which can leave you – and your relationship – feeling depleted.

Simple yet effective changes that will help you when disappointment threatens...

In an ideal world, all of our relationships would be balanced, fulfilling, and we would never be disappointed.

Davina Diaries Fiction: MoonLight Kiss Ep 10

Ariana had decided to take a walk one sunny afternoon two years back; she had bumped into a horse rider. The young man had...

9 Simple Things not to lie about to anyone!

No one likes a liar. I know it’s tempting. I know that it’s not always easy to come clean up front when you are trying to make an amazing first impression, but there are simply some critical things you cannot lie about.

Lady reveals Juliet Ibrahim broke up with Iceberg Slim because he...

Last year, the news of actress Juliet Ibrahim and her man Iceberg Slim ending their relationship surfaced online.

4 Simple ways to grow your marriage

No one said it was going to be all rosy in marriage. There are bound to be disagreements… over and again, but how you handle things in tough times will determine how long your marriage is going to last.

See exactly how men fall in love according to science

A 2010 study published in the Journal of Social Psychology found that men reported not only falling in love faster but saying “I love you” sooner than women did.

4 Questions you should totally avoid asking in a relationship you...

For a relationship that's open, honest and truly happy, you have to talk with your partner — even about issues you two don't agree on.

Divorce Story 73: Funmi, Story Of Self Sabotage

Divorce Story 73. Hell broke loose when my husband got an anonymous text about my extra-marital affair and he was furious.