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My Divorce Story 84: Esther, He Left Me For His PA

Hello and welcome to another edition of my divorce story. Is it only me that notices that time seems to fly so fast these...

My Divorce Story 82: Sofia, End Of Marriage, New Beginnings

Months after my wedding, I realized my marriage was a sham. I kept up with the pretenses because divorce wasn't an option. Or was it?

How romance movies are ruining your expectations of love

We often look to romantic movies to show us a glimpse of what it's like to be in love and in a relationship. Over the course of our lives, we are exposed to thousands of ideas...

10 Dating tips to follow now that you are single

Let us save you some time, energy and heartache. You can thank us later.

6 Ways to apologize the right way

When you really, truly need to apologize for something you’ve done, something that has wronged or insulted or hurt your partner, you need to understand what a true apology consists of. 

Amazing ways to shower yourself with the unconditional love that you...

Your relationship with yourself is no different to any other in your life — it takes time, attention and effort to make a change towards unconditional love.

Planning a perfect romantic trip with your partner

Planning a romantic trip out of town can give you a break from your responsibilities while also bringing you two closer together.

6 Ways travelling can strengthen your marriage and family

Taking a vacation and time off to travel has benefits for everyone: It opens our minds to new thoughts and allows us to unplug and step into an experience...

12 Traits of a healthy relationship

A good relationship consists of many qualities. But, for you to recognize these qualities, you need to be open and healthy yourself.

My phone was hacked – Wizkid’s 3rd baby mama Jada Pollock...

London based music manager, Jada Pollock, who took to social media to end her relationship with her popular Nigerian baby daddy, Musician Wizkid is singing a different tune.

Top 4 signs you’re dangerously close to cheating

There are certain habits that relationship experts say are typical of people who tend to end up cheating on their partners. If you or your partner are engaging in any of them...

Tips that will help you save your relationship when you both...

Relationships and relationship problems often include money and financial issues between a couple. Talking about money in a relationship can be stressful.

6 Glaring signs you’re the rebound girl or guy

Are you dating someone fresh out of a long-term relationship? Sometimes, when a person ends a relationship or marriage, they enter into a rebound relationship...

7 Tips that will help you get over being cheated on

In fact, studies show that cheating occurs in half of all relationships. You may have had all the smart answers when it came to your friends, but once this type...

5 Relationship-killer habits you need to ditch NOW!

As beautiful as love is, little things we do can cost us our loved ones. If you get to ask most people why their relationship ended, you’ll discover it's because...

12 Evident signs your relationship is strong and healthy

Many of us were brought up to believe in the fairy-tale kind of true love, and that it is the key ingredient needed in order for a relationship to last.

I’m under pressure to re-marry – Actress Damilola Adegbite reveals

In a recent interview with BBC Pidgin, Nigerian actress, Damilola Adegbite talked about Marriage, Relationship and God.

5 Signs your relationship is rock-solid

In a relationship, trust is everything. You need to trust the person you are with. Trust allows you to get through difficult times and makes you fall in love all over again every day.

Widowhood Tales 33: Lois, My Husband Was Their ATM

My widowhood story33, When my husband suddenly died, I found that even though we were almost living in poverty, he had a lot of money; his family was feeding fat off him.

What to do if your partner is always criticizing you

In a relationship, dealing with a critical partner who claims to love you and their constant negative criticism can wear you down mentally, emotionally and physically.