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Personality Type: Are you a nice person or a pushover?

There's a pervasive stereotype that being nice at work means you're a pushover. If you're too nice, startup investor and long-time media executive Fran Hauser says...

Adulthood: 4 ways to succeed at this whole ‘adulting’ thing

What exactly is adulting? While we’re not exactly familiar with the word adulating, trust me, it’s a real thing guys and a lot of people have failed at it.

First Date Tips for the New Year

So you weren't able to find a lover in 2019? Let's help you prepare for the dating scene in 2020. When going on a...

Here’s why some people have difficulty finding intimacy in their relationships

Sex, love, and intimacy are very sensitive subjects in healthy relationships. Both men and women long for connection. Intimacy, sex, and relationships are complex...

Paranoid Personality Disorder and how to deal with it

Paranoid personality disorder (PPD) is a type of personality disorder that causes the affected person to behave oddly or eccentrically.

My Divorce Story 78: Ugo, Kicked Out After 9 Years Of...

after marriage, we moved into the family home to live with his parents and siblings. That is where my hell on earth begin, ending with divorce 9 yrs later.

Ladies watch out for men with these 6 personality traits, they...

When it comes to determining whether or not he’s going to mess with your head, most people make it more complicated than it needs to be.

Are you addicted to dating and relationship drama?

When your self-esteem and self-respect is low, you will naturally attract (and be attracted to) emotionally abusive types. The opposite is true when you feel good about who...

8 Things women who don’t get played by men do!

If you want to know how to get a guy to like you for you and finally find true love, here are 8 things you can do to make sure it’s safe to be vulnerable opening your heart again when dating.

The difference between how men and women form bonds in relationships

There are many differences between men and women, including in the types of communication styles they use to bond and create intimacy in relationships.

6 Things everyone thinks about happy couples that are not necessarily...

A lot of people think happy couples do not have issues, and that is not true. With happy couples, things are not always as it seems.

Dear Davina, Should I Propose To Him

there is this chap at church I like and I know he likes me. I am thinking of walking up to him and proposing we have a relationship.

Divorce Story 74: Her Negligence Killed Our Only Child

Divorce story 74: Bimpe left our son in a car parked by the road. He pushed a few buttons that took the car right unto the road and an oncoming vehicle.

Divorce Story 72: Ibinabo, It is Complicated, Very Complicated

Marriage to Eddy was a partnership made in heaven but it turned sour leading us to seek a divorce. Then along came Daniel, but I found myself back with Eddy

Dear Davina, Can True Relationships Start Via Social Media

Lately, I've been chatting with one guy on FB. I am thinking of Dating Him. My question Davina is, can true love / a solid relationship happen on or from FB

Divorce Story 69: Imhade, He Lied To Get Me

Divorce Story 69: Nosa pretended to be a Muslim, even converting to Islam just to get me. Later on in the marriage, he changed revealing his true self.

Widowhood Chronicles 26: Margaret, I feel Like I Am Cursed

My Widowhood story 26, Even though I was the last of my siblings to get married. Thirty days after marriage, My husband died making me a widow.

Divorce Story 67: Ramat, Divorced Because Of My Faith

Divorce Story 67, After My conversion to Christianity, My father disowned me, my husband hit me, divorced me and I was barred from seeing my five children.

Divorce Story 66: Rashidat, I Finally Found Joy

After I joined a church, My ex-husband, filed for divorce on the grounds that I was not ready to practice the Islamic religion with him.

Have you ever loved someone who didn’t love you back? You...

The pain of unrequited love from those who feel stuck loving someone who doesn't love them back is often painful, gut-wrenching, and difficult to let go and move on.