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Handling an aggressive child

Parents and particularly mothers are the first to become aware of a certain amount of aggression in their child by the way he moves in the crib...

4 Ways to protect you and your self-esteem when someone treats...

A lot of people treats us badly and still expects us to be the bigger person. Yea! That’s human for you. We hear time and again, "Someone else's behaviour...

Why you should never compare your kids with anyone

Why can’t you be like your brother, you are the only one always complaining, why can’t you eat this like everybody else. On and on you may go as a parent.

3 Tips to raising kids with healthy self-esteem

Most successful people in life have a healthy self-esteem and are self-confident. People who have confidence in their personal worth are magnets...

What an unhealthy relationship does to you

Being in any relationship isn’t easy, you have to endure a lot and tolerate your partner for things to work out, particularly if you love them very much.

What to do when your child is being bullied

If you suspect your child is being bullied then you definitely have to do something about it. The most crucial thing is teaching them on how to stand up...

4 steps to more effective parenting

Being a parent is honestly not as easy as it sounds. Raising kids is one of the toughest and most fulfilling jobs in the world. But often times, a lot of parent feel less prepared.

Positive or Negative: Effect of social media on your kids

A narrative review published in 2014 looked at the effects of online communication and social media on the mental health of young people. It included 43 studies published from 2003 to 2013.

4 Strategies that will help your kids resist lying to you

Parents understandably get very upset when their kids lie. They often also feel disappointed and hurt upon hearing lies from their children. They