Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Fitness: Natural ways to increase your stamina

You need stamina or endurance to take up any physical activity and complete it. Stamina is nothing but the physical strength and ability to do a task...

New study reveals farmers have more libido than people with other...

A new study shows farmers have the most sex out of any other profession after a third of those surveyed boast about having sex at least once a day.

Common foods that will increase your stamina – Part 2

Citrus fruits are super rich in vitamin C that enhances the absorption of iron in food. Citrus fruits are great energy boosters; they cleanse the body and increase immunity.

Common foods that will increase your stamina – Part 1

To get a healthy and fit body, you must have enough energy to build strong stamina. But the problem is you can’t buy strength, you have to earn it by making lifestyle changes.