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Widowhood Tales 31: Evelyn, From Divorce To Widow

My widowhood story is quite different. I and my husband were in the midst of divorce proceedings when he suddenly died plunging me straight into Widowhood.

Widowhood Chronicles 24: Suliat, Self Made Widow

widow stories 24: I watched my husband tumble down the stairs and break his neck. He landed on top of his head in an unnatural position. I screamed and ran

Widowhood Chronicles 22: Adebayo, Tinu Didn’t Have To Die

Widowhood Chronicles 22, Tinu's prophetess' mom while I was away, took her to a prayer house rather than a hospital where she died of complications

The Widowhood chronicles 15, Carol: They made Me Sleep With His...

Widowhood Chronicles 15, They shaved my head and made me sleep with the body for a week. They also made me swear by their juju that I didn’t kill my husband

The Widowhood chronicles 14, Diana: Stabbed To Death By His Side...

Widowhood chronicles, My husband had an affair with Ijeoma and as usual, wanted to end it after a few months. She would hear none of it. Ijeoma stabbed..

The Widowhood chronicles 13, Oge: I Would Have Killed Him Myself

I read of a woman who killed her husband recently by stabbing him during a fight and I wondered if that could have been me if my husband did not die when he did

The Widowhood chronicles 12, Niniola: Pay attention to your health, don’t...

Widowhood chronicles 12: Leke was a workaholic, He was always on his computer working. He would spend the night working and fall asleep by 4 am.

The Widowhood chronicles 11, Ebere: Women, Please Get A Job

My Husband refused to work, or do any business. He died suddenly with no plan, leaving me a widow. His family came for everything I and the six kids nothing

The Widowhood chronicles 10. Ola: I Was Accused Of Killing Him

My Widowhood Story: Dare suffered a relapse and passed on. I called my family to come stay with me in that time of grief. My brother and sister showed up. I don't know what would have happened to me if they hadn't. My in-laws were threatening to lock me up for killing their son.

The Widowhood chronicles 9. Daniel: Please Be Fair To Your Spouse

My Widowhood Story: Ngozi slumped in the bathroom when preparing to go to the hospital. I was in the living room when I heard a thud. I rushed there and saw her on the floor. I threw clothes on her and called a neighbour to help carry her to my car. She died few hours after we got to the hospital. I broke down crying.

The Widowhood chronicles 8. Stella: Snatched By Electrocution

My widowhood story: I waited for Nnamdi to come back into the house; He was taking too long. I decided to go check what he was up to. That was when I saw the most gruesome thing I will ever see in my life. My husband stood motionless with his hands on the change over switch. He had been electrocuted.

The Widowhood chronicles 7. Steve: Gone In A Flash

The Widowhood chronicles 7: As I got to the airport, I saw a pandemonium. People crying with hands on their heads.  A plane had crashed. Fear came over me, I asked someone and he answered that it seemed it was the particular airline my wife was on. I became like a madman and then, I broke down and cried like a baby.

The Widowhood chronicles. Lynda: Sharing brings Healing

My Widowhood Story: I received a phone call at 1:00 a.m. telling me to get to the hospital because Daniel had been hurt. While driving from my house to the Teaching Hospital, millions of thoughts were going through my head about what could have happened. Not once did the thought cross my mind that he could die!!

The Widowhood chronicles 5. Emma: Still Grieving

Widowhood chronicles: Dear Ross T, I’d do anything to bring her back. I’d gouge out both of my own eyes just to be able to catch her smell and feel the way she would run her stupid fake acrylic or glass nails on my head. she got diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer, I thought to myself. Yes, she can beat it. Well, she passed.