Friday, December 6, 2019
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Joker Weird trailer brings together Harley Quinn and other movie Jokers

Aldo Jones is back with another Weird Trailer that takes aim at Todd Phillips' Joker. Jones has been making his crazy pop culture explosion trailers for a long time now...

Joker director appreciates fans for $1B Box Office success

Todd Phillips thanks the fans for the Joker's $1 billion box office success. The unorthodox movie based on The Clown Prince of Crime became an unexpected box office explosion.

Joker breaks another box office record as it passes $350m worldwide

It was already safe to say that Warner Bros. had a hit on their hands with Joker, which set an October opening weekend record with $96 million...

Thanos actor Josh Brolin gives Joker a heartfelt review

Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix set out to make something different with Joker. They wanted to make a comic book movie grounded in reality.