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Here are all the tools you need to get fit in...

To effectively and successfully achieve the best out of a work out program, it is essential that you understand your fitness tools.

Top natural ways to make your breasts bigger

The breasts are considered one of the greatest assets of women. Firm and supple breasts can make all body shapes a lot more attractive.

BMI vs Weight vs Waist Circumference… Which is the best?

And the discussion about whether body mass index (BMI) or waist circumference or something entirely different is best continues, most recently reignited when this season...

How to shed all the holiday weight with these 3 dumbbell...

While you were eating and sleeping, we were busy working on how to make sure you get your body back after the holidays because you are always on our mind.

Ladies: How to get a bigger butt and tiny waist in...

Some girls are self-conscious about their weight, some are self-conscious about their b00bs, and some are self-conscious about weird things like their butts.

Reasons why your period is lighter than usual

When most of us complain about our periods, we talk about those heavy flow days and the bloating, cramping, and exhaustion that can go along with them.

The easiest way ever to get toned arms

Unlike sculpting a six-pack, which is basically the unicorn of fitness goals, toning your arms is (relatively) easy. It doesn't take a lot of weight to fatigue them and you don't even have to use any special equipment to see definition. 

Why some people can eat a lot of fast food and...

Hey Fit fam! Y'know  how annoying it is that some people can eat fast food every day and not gain weight? Scientists may have discovered why.

5 Healthy ways to prevent breast cancer from coming back

Despite all the money and time researchers have devoted to the study of breast cancer recurrence, predicting when and why the disease might...

Is the sugar in fruit healthy or bad for you?

What's up with the sugar in fruit? Well, the main sugar in fruit is called fructose, and although fruits come loaded with numerous health benefits...

6 Silent signs of Liver cancer

It is best to treat liver cancer early, but it’s a sneaky disease. It often lies undetected until it has progressed to an advanced, harder to treat, stage.

6 Ways to protect yourself from developing cancer

There are lots of ways you can reduce your risk of developing cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, nearly one-third of cancer...

How much you should weigh based on your body type

Most women have sized up their bodies to someone else’s, but you should know that there are so many women and bodies and body types...

The right amount of exercise needed to actually reap the benefits

We know that exercise does lots of good things for us, from helping us live longer, to managing our weight, and improving mental health.

5 Best ways to care for your breast

Not all women have the advantage of knowing ways to care for your breasts, and I’d love to change that. As women, caring for our breasts is an important part of our health and body image as they are the statement of our womanhood.

Olajumoke gaining weight; fans fear she may lose modelling contract

Beautiful bread seller turned super model, Olajumoke Orisaguna, was recently sighted on a red carpet after staying off social media for months.

The 6 worst pieces of health advice we always hear

Most of us know not to believe every piece of health advice we read in the news. But some tips are so persistent, we hear them everywhere, even if they're dead wrong.

10 reasons why physical exercise is good for you

Involving in physical exercise is one of the best decisions anyone can ever make. It is undoubtedly one of the most important habits anyone needs to inculcate because the benefits it offers are immense. Those benefits include:

I’d rather remain fat than deprive my baby of breast milk...

Tonto Dikeh Churchill busted the bubbles of some of her fans who have been on her case ever since she shared some of her...

12 Fitness Tips to Consider as a Beginner

Everyone wants to eat healthy food, go to gym classes, diet, and exercise to keep fit and live a healthy life. Staying away from food, however, is not the solution to loosing weight or keeping fit