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Widowhood Tales 36: Mary-Jane, Happy One minute, A Widow The Next!!

my journey into widowhood was swift and without warning. One minute he was happy and smiling, next minute, I was a widow. But could it have been avoided?

Widowhood Tales 34: Antonia, Journey to widowhood

Nothing ever prepares on adequately for widowhood. Even though a spouse might have been ill, widowhood presents a painful transition.

Widowhood Tales 32: Ronke, Death And Justice

Widowhood tales. Unknown to my husband and the girl, Her BF had resorted to using a deadly Yoruba charm called Maagun to deal with his cheating girlfriend

Widowhood Tales 31: Evelyn, From Divorce To Widow

My widowhood story is quite different. I and my husband were in the midst of divorce proceedings when he suddenly died plunging me straight into Widowhood.

Widowhood Tales 30: Nancy, Beware Of Wicked And Evil In-Laws

Widowhood Tales 30: According to their tradition, the wife is always blamed when the man dies. She must run away and flee from the house once He is no more.

Widowhood Tales 28: Divine, It Was The Morning After

Widowhood Tales 28: My name is Divine, I entered into widowhood, the first morning after my marriage. I was married and widowed in less than 24hours.

Widowhood Chronicles 25: Amanda, He Was A Very Harsh And Hard...

Widowhood Chronicles 25, Tochukwu had a bad temper. He was cold to the children and verbally abused us even though he never hit us. One day, his temper got a hold of him as He slumped and died while shouting at the office.

Widowhood Chronicles 24: Suliat, Self Made Widow

widow stories 24: I watched my husband tumble down the stairs and break his neck. He landed on top of his head in an unnatural position. I screamed and ran

Widowhood Chronicles 23: Chioma, Don’t Find Yourself Dependent

Widowhood Chronicles 23: I continued my business after marriage but my husband began to complain that I was going out too much and made me stop.

Widowhood Chronicles 22: Adebayo, Tinu Didn’t Have To Die

Widowhood Chronicles 22, Tinu's prophetess' mom while I was away, took her to a prayer house rather than a hospital where she died of complications

Widowhood chronicles 19: Shirley, My Temper Drove Him To Death

Widowhood chronicles 19, hot-tempered and quarrelsome, I fought severally with my husband. One day after a particularly furious session, he drove out never to return.

The Widowhood chronicles 11, Ebere: Women, Please Get A Job

My Husband refused to work, or do any business. He died suddenly with no plan, leaving me a widow. His family came for everything I and the six kids nothing

The Widowhood chronicles 8. Stella: Snatched By Electrocution

My widowhood story: I waited for Nnamdi to come back into the house; He was taking too long. I decided to go check what he was up to. That was when I saw the most gruesome thing I will ever see in my life. My husband stood motionless with his hands on the change over switch. He had been electrocuted.

The Widowhood chronicles. Lynda: Sharing brings Healing

My Widowhood Story: I received a phone call at 1:00 a.m. telling me to get to the hospital because Daniel had been hurt. While driving from my house to the Teaching Hospital, millions of thoughts were going through my head about what could have happened. Not once did the thought cross my mind that he could die!!

The Widowhood chronicles 2. Labake: Gone Too Soon, A Widow...

I just stepped out of the hospital ward were my husband was to use the restroom and I got back to discover that his body was cold and his eyes were closed. I couldn't believe I was now a widow. Just like that, one day I am with my husband and the next day I was a widow. My in-laws took custody of my son.

The Widowhood chronicles 1. Uchenna: Agonies of A Widow

After the burial, I was locked out of our matrimonial house and the car was seized from me. I was accused by the elder brother for bringing ill luck to the brother. He said my brother has been living with this ailment and nothing happened to him till you got married to him”.

Photos: Young widow left in shock after ‘mysterious’ fire destroys her...

Hmmm! How possible is this! According to Ettu Mohammed, the incident happened over the weekend at Santos Estate, Lagos. Read his post below:

So sad! Fire guts 3 children of a widow in Lagos

So sad! According to a report, three children from the same parent, have died after they were burnt beyond recognition in a fire outbreak at their home...

Police arrests sex worker who arranges schoolgirls for men in Lagos

The Lagos State Police Command has paraded a Widow identified as Chinonso Okolokwo, who allegedly recruits young schoolgirls as commercial sex workers in a hotel at Surulere, Lagos.

See how Mercy Johnson and husband celebrated Easter with widows

How thoughtful! Mercy Johnson and her husband definitely put some thought into how they spent this last Easter. Rather than jet off on a...