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Widowhood tales 41: Samson, My Recklessness Killed Her

Widowhood tales 41: I got drunk at a bar and Tessie came to get me. On the way home, we got hit by a car. I survived but she didn't.

Widowhood tales 40: Natasha, He Was Poisoned

widowhood tales: A colleague of my husband confessed to being the one who poisoned him! He was jealous of him and wanted him out of the way

Widowhood Tales 37: Paula, Yes, I killed Him

widowhood tales 37. I was constantly raped and abused by my husband until the day of that fight when I killed him in self defense.

Widowhood Tales 36: Mary-Jane, Happy One minute, A Widow The Next!!

my journey into widowhood was swift and without warning. One minute he was happy and smiling, next minute, I was a widow. But could it have been avoided?

Widowhood Tales 35: Richard, Suicidal wife

Widowhood for me started after my wife committed suicide after a long batle with mental health issues arising from a troubled childhood.

Widowhood Tales 34: Antonia, Journey to widowhood

Nothing ever prepares on adequately for widowhood. Even though a spouse might have been ill, widowhood presents a painful transition.

Widowhood Tales 33: Lois, My Husband Was Their ATM

My widowhood story33, When my husband suddenly died, I found that even though we were almost living in poverty, he had a lot of money; his family was feeding fat off him.

Widowhood Tales 32: Ronke, Death And Justice

Widowhood tales. Unknown to my husband and the girl, Her BF had resorted to using a deadly Yoruba charm called Maagun to deal with his cheating girlfriend

Widowhood Tales 31: Evelyn, From Divorce To Widow

My widowhood story is quite different. I and my husband were in the midst of divorce proceedings when he suddenly died plunging me straight into Widowhood.

Widowhood Tales 30: Nancy, Beware Of Wicked And Evil In-Laws

Widowhood Tales 30: According to their tradition, the wife is always blamed when the man dies. She must run away and flee from the house once He is no more.

Widowhood Tales 28: Divine, It Was The Morning After

Widowhood Tales 28: My name is Divine, I entered into widowhood, the first morning after my marriage. I was married and widowed in less than 24hours.

Widowhood Chronicles 26: Margaret, I feel Like I Am Cursed

My Widowhood story 26, Even though I was the last of my siblings to get married. Thirty days after marriage, My husband died making me a widow.

Widowhood Chronicles 25: Amanda, He Was A Very Harsh And Hard...

Widowhood Chronicles 25, Tochukwu had a bad temper. He was cold to the children and verbally abused us even though he never hit us. One day, his temper got a hold of him as He slumped and died while shouting at the office.

Widowhood Chronicles 23: Chioma, Don’t Find Yourself Dependent

Widowhood Chronicles 23: I continued my business after marriage but my husband began to complain that I was going out too much and made me stop.

Widowhood Chronicles 22: Adebayo, Tinu Didn’t Have To Die

Widowhood Chronicles 22, Tinu's prophetess' mom while I was away, took her to a prayer house rather than a hospital where she died of complications

Have You Written Your Will?

Most people in Nigeria associate having a will with dying. They think by not writing a will they’ll live longer. Even educated ones like my brother ...

Widowhood chronicles 19: Shirley, My Temper Drove Him To Death

Widowhood chronicles 19, hot-tempered and quarrelsome, I fought severally with my husband. One day after a particularly furious session, he drove out never to return.

The Widowhood chronicles 18, Nwanneka: I Outsmarted My In-Laws

Widowhood Story 18, Later the next day, my in-laws came and barely had they settled down when they asked that I bring the documents of the house, I told them what my friend had taught me to say

The Widowhood chronicles 16, Ibinabo: Cut Down By Armed Robbers

Ekiye's life was cut short by robbers plunging me and seven kids into widowhood. I had no job or business as I had left everything to take care of the kids.

The Widowhood chronicles 14, Diana: Stabbed To Death By His Side...

Widowhood chronicles, My husband had an affair with Ijeoma and as usual, wanted to end it after a few months. She would hear none of it. Ijeoma stabbed..