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Helpful tips to gain muscle in and out of the gym

When you're in the gym working out, you are breaking down your muscles (i.e. putting stress on them); out of the gym they recover and grow via diet, sleep, and hydration.

The 4 most effective ways to stay fit!

A lot of people ask; how can I stay fit without going through so much stress? Here's a secret: It's not as complicated as you may think.

The most helpful exercises for men in their 30s

as you are trying to keep habits intact, while also juggling family life and a career. Amidst of all, it is a must to still exercise your body.

Helpful ways to use baking soda to boost your athletic performance

Baking soda also known as sodium bicarbonate(NAHCo3), is commonly used in the kitchen as a leavening agent. Baking soda is chemically alkaline, so in our bodies, it acts as a buffer to resist pH change by neutralising any added acid or base.

5 Effective exercises that will banish love handles

Love handles are simply excess abdominal fat that has been given a nickname, and it can be quite challenging to get rid of for some.

Switching your weight-loss hormones on the right way!

Though you might blame intense period cravings on your hormones, those little guys also have the power to make you put down the Rocky Roa...

Important health and beauty tips everyone needs these days

We are all looking for ways to improve ourselves in all areas of life and we oftentimes turn to health and beauty products to maintain our physical bodies - inside and outside.

Helpful health and fitness skills everyone should master!

Push-ups are hands down one of the best full-body toners—the basic move works your abs, arms, and chest. To easily master full push-ups, start in a more vertical position, working your way down to doing them on the floor as you master the form.

How many calories do you burn from walking?

As simple as walking sounds, it sure can do a lot of great things for your body. A lot of people might think going on a walk is a lazy person's way of getting fit, but it's not.

All you need to know about exercising after a C-section

Having a baby is hard work, and trying to get your body back into shape afterwards can be just as hard. It’s important that you know what your body has gone through...

Should you be working-out on an empty stomach?

Waking up to make that 7 AM gym class is enough of a challenge already. Getting out of bed with enough time to eat breakfast before running out the door? That might take a miracle.

5 Reasons running isn’t helping you lose weight

If you're relying solely on running to help you lose weight, you may be disappointed by the number on the scale. Here's how to do cardio smarter to get...

Enjoy your favourite cup of tea and lose weight at the...

Scientists have shown in many studies how sipping tea, especially green tea, can make your body burn fat faster and help you shed weight.

5 Signs you should reduce your water intake

Just because we've been told water is essential, people tend to abuse it, because they think one can’t go wrong with H2O.

6 Mistakes a lot of people make when doing squats

Squats are kinda like the high-waisted jeans of fitness. They're a classic move but are definitely having a moment. For reals, even at-home squat machines exist now.

4 Simple exercises that will relieve stress this season

Some people battle with stress by the day. It is best to put plans in place as to how to deal with it, depending on your personality and preferences.

Lose excess belly fat for Christmas with just 2 exercise moves

This is a great routine that you can do almost anywhere, anytime. And it's a fantastic substitute for 15 minutes on the treadmill.

How to do your crunches the right way!

Crunch is good for your abs and we know you love it... but, do you do it right? For crunch to be effective, you need to get it right, else you might just be wasting your efforts.

If your workouts last longer than 13 minutes, you’re wasting your...

Unless you have unlimited time and an unnatural enthusiasm for exercise, chances are you want to work out as little as possible to reap all the benefits.

How to look fit for Christmas!

During the Christmas holidays, with all the plenty celebrations, people will tend to drink and eat a lot. It is therefore wise to exercise with the family, even if it's just for a few minutes.