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How to do a facelift at home

It is important to detoxify for a younger and tighter looking skin and to do so you will need an all-natural treatment that involves using skin tightening and pore shrinking ingredients on your skin for an at-home facelift.

COVID-19: Building a routine for your kids now that they are...

There’s no doubt that cabin fever will set in sooner rather than later so keeping to a routine is now of the utmost importance. Kids, particularly those up to age 8...

Lose excess belly fat for Christmas with just 2 exercise moves

This is a great routine that you can do almost anywhere, anytime. And it's a fantastic substitute for 15 minutes on the treadmill.

How to do a proper plank according to an expert

Whether you’re taking a group fitness class or following an exercise DVD at home, it’s a sure bet that you’ll be doing planks at some point during the workout...

The perfect butt move to add to your routine!

Looking for some motivation on leg day? Look no further than frog legs! Frogs rock well-developed legs and thighs and the fact that they are tasty should be no surprise.

Simple ways to get your arms strong and toned before Christmas

When people think of having strong, toned arms, they tend to focus mainly on building biceps—the meatier part of your arms.

Common leg moves you can do anywhere!

If you're sick and tired of squats, then we've got just what you need. These 20 leg moves will keep your heart pumping, your legs shaking, and your body feeling stronger than ever.

6 Squat mistakes you might be making!

Squats are kinda like the high-waisted jeans of fitness. They're a classic move but are definitely having a moment. For reals, even at-home squat machines exist now.

Burn out the excess fat with these four-minute workouts

Over time, we have come to discover that it takes just 4 minutes of exercise to get the perfect body. Now, you are wondering how possible that is…

5 Ways to get your shoulders looking sexy

A well-defined shoulder enhances our overall look. A beautified shoulder is definitely eye-catching in cute dresses and tops. Luckily, shoulders can be developed...

Here’s why your stomach is storing up fat

If you’ve been working your tail off to get rid of stomach fat you aren’t alone. You also aren’t alone if you have tirelessly tried to get rid of stomach fat...

4 Super helpful exercises for women!

It’s a common cultural assumption that cardio is the best workout you can do—but it turns out that type of sweat sesh is only part of the equation for achieving optimal fitness.

All you need to know about the new Reducetarian diet…

have you heard of the latest way of living, the reducetarianism movement? Here’s what you need to know about the latest gastronomic trend and way of life.

Rear-End Crunch: The one workout move you need for a fantastic...

The rear-end crunch is a double whammy for your backside. Targeting both the hamstrings and butt, this simple exercise strengthens the muscles you use every time you walk or run.

6-week multi gym workout plan for beginners

A multi-gym is a great addition to a home gym. It enables you to complete a series of exercises targeting different parts of the body i.e. arms and legs.

Do at least one of these 5 exercises everyday

The importance of workout can never be overemphasized. Regular workouts keep you fit and reduces one's chances of getting overweight-related diseases.

Choosing the right fitness app for every level

If losing weight made its way into your list of New Year's resolutions earlier in the year, dozens of smart-phone apps will compete for your attention - and money.

The 5 most effective Kettlebell workouts for you!

While I love using dumbbells and barbells in my workout, kettlebells add a new layer of complexity and if you've ever picked one up, then you have immediately...

The one healthy hack you need that is just at your...

We take them on dates and to the movies. We go to the gym or on a run with them. We even take them to bed. They are our silent partners, watching and digitising our every move.

6 Truths about working out that everyone needs to know and...

Success in the gym, as with most things in life, comes down to mastering the basics. With that in mind, here are 6 exercise tips, weightlifting basics, the best exercises...