Where you will sit when you are old shows where you stood in youth. – Yoruba proverb

Yesterday July 12th, as I watched the events happening in London, I instantly realized in a second the problems we have in Nigeria and as a rule the undeveloped countries of Africa. I realized why the “oyinbo man” would always be superior to us and why truly it is only God that can save us in this country.

Please calm down and allow me weave my story. Ah! Ah!, your blood is now boiling because of what? That I said “Oyinbo man” would always be superior to us, or that it is only God that can save us in this country?. Based on the prevailing circumstances and situations, the path to salvation for us as a country would demand far more drastic measures than we are currently willing to accept.

So my story begins. Maybe I should put some music in the background as my commentary unwinds as a documentary or some predictable and badly written best selling nollywood movie. So my choice of music would be “which way nigeria ” by Sonny Okosun or “I go yarn” by Eldee. Keep the music in your minds ears as I unwind my commentary.

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So on the 23rd of June 2016, Britain went on a referendum to decide whether to stay in EU or not. That referendum now known as the infamous Brexit led to the resignation on the 24th of June of the incumbent prime minister David Cameron and that is where my story begins. A series of events took place and by the 11th of July, 17 days later, Britain had a new Prime minister in waiting. Simple and easy.

No ballot boxes were seized, INEC didn’t declare any elections inconclusive, no one went to court with a barrage of lawyers to prove that the Brexit votes were false and manipulated neither did we see the PDP- sorry Brexit HQ barricaded by police as one factor declared herself as the new leader of the party. What happened was that in 18 days a new prime minister – Theresa May emerged. Chikena!!

Okay now to part 2 scene 1. At this point, we should be at the second stanza of Sonny Okosun’s song. “Many years after our independence, we find it hard to…” And here we come to the beginning of my story the events of yesterday July 12th 2016.

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So in quick procession, David Cameron goes and tells the Queen officially he has resigned and the Queen accepts. Theresa May goes and tells the Queen she is the chosen one and the Queen accepts. Hurray!! Britain now has a new leader – the First female since Margaret thatcher. Hmmmmmmmm a thought for tommorrow, if Clinton wins, does it mean that the strongest countries in the free western world – the USA, Britain and Germany would be ruled by ladies? Now we are talking of a real kitchen cabinet. So would we have first husbands meetings? Who would be the chairman of the first husbands? Abeg Hold that thought! Back to our story.

tale of two countries 2

So Theresa May comes forth and gives a simple but powerful speech, her own version of “I belong to Nobody and I belong to everybody “. Now here is the Koko of the matter. Within minutes of the speech, her cabinet was announced. Britain had her new ministers. Madam didn’t have to wait 6 months to announce who her new officers were. Secondly , some of her biggest rivals were given good and powerful positions. The cabinet was well rounded and included both political foes and friends.

Immediately, the financial market reacted and the pound which had taken a low dive following the Brexit started to climb. The world markets reacted and Britain is slowly back on economic course.

I am very sure that in the days to come, madam and her team wouldn’t spend the next few months chasing Cameron and former ministers with EFCC. Neither do I think she would embark on a long journey from nation to nation calling Britons criminals, blaming the former administration, until finally an ear infection would make her sit at home. Hmmmmmm, I didn’t say anything oh!!

He who thinks he is leading and has no one following him is only taking a walk. ~ Malawian proverb


I have never ceased to wonder why Nigerian leaders are like this. Even within the same party, the incoming leader is not satisfied until he has rubbished the efforts of his predecessors. Nigerian leaders don’t seem to realize that leadership / government is a continuum and should be seen as such. Yet they spend time distracting us with bogus pursuits.

Looking at the present government of Nigeria, I am not really surprised at the turn of
Events seeing the antecedents of the leadership composition of the party. After all was it not national leader Tinubu that spent his first 2 years as governor of Lagos state doing nothing but changing streets and estates until everyone got tired and eventually the name is still known as bourdillon?

tale of two countries

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Okay now, we have had a year of people chasing, budget stealing /padded/replaced, demonization of past administration, late release of budget, executive fightings at all levels, now what? The general impression now seems like the country has ground to a halt and we are all on a “Siddon look” posture waiting for what’s next.

Really at this point, I want to ask our current crop of leaders “Oga at the tops, what’s next?”

While we wait for the answer, here are the lyrics to EL Dee’s song. Here also is the video embedded from you tube. Enjoy.

Nobody wan die
But everybody wan go heaven
You see me
As you see me so

[Chorus:] (2x)
Me, I go yarn
Me, I go speak my mind
Me, I go yarn
Them think say we blind
Make we yarn
Why are my people so poor
We can’t take this no more

[Verse 1:]
As I reach Yankee
I see say the life wey my people
Them dey live, na nonsense
As I reach Yankee
I see say to solve our problem
Eno hard, common sense
Them dey come here
Them dey see the way
Wey everything bin dey work
But them just ignore
Them go reach house
Go form the policies
Wey e go make them to rich and my people to poor
E don tey
Wey we don dey cry
Wey we don dey hustle
Wey we don dey die
E don tey
Wey them dey chop money
While the average child for road is hungry

[Repeat Chorus:] (2x)

[Verse 2:]
We get land, plenty plenty land
Plenty plenty farm
We get energy
Plenty plenty oil, plenty plenty sun
Water dey
River Niger dey
River Benue dey
But for ordinary man, simple things to enjoy
He no fit get
Water nko, e no dey
Light nko, e no dey
Ordinary food to chop, eno dey
Ordinary house to sleep, eno dey
Water nko, e no dey
Light nko, e no dey

image: http://static.urx.io/units/web/urx-unit-loader.gif
Ordinary food to chop, e no dey
Ordinary house to sleep, e no dey

[Repeat Chorus:] (2x)

[Verse 3:]
I never thought the day would come
When things would get so bad
I seen young kids hustling, makes me so mad
We the biggest black nation but nobody cares
Raise your voice and die amongst so many fears
The time is now
And yes, I’ll take my chances
Attacking the villian until my nation advances
A lot of lame promises they never fulfill
Oil rich but we suffering still

Me, I go yarn
It’s time to say no
It’s time to fight
Me, I go yarn
It’s time to break forth
And time to bite
Make we yarn
It’s time to make advances
It’s time to get some answers
It’s time to separate this wrong from right
Me, I go yarn
It’s time to say no
It’s time to fight
Me, I go yarn
It’s time to break forth
And time to bite
Make we yarn
It’s time to make advances
It’s time to get some answers
It’s time to separate this wrong from right

Me, I go yarn
Until them change the plan
Me, I go yarn
Direct me to the man
My people fear to die
Why, we must try
Me, I go yarn
Until them change the plan
Make we yarn
Direct me to the plan
My people fear to die
Why, together we must try

[Repeat Chorus:] (‘Till Fade)


  1. “Nigerian leaders don’t seem to realize that leadership / government is a continuum and should be seen as such. Yet they spend time distracting us with bogus pursuits”.

    I believe this is the crux of the matter. We do not see government as a continuum, we see it as a means to enriching ourselves and punishing our enemies, perceived and real. But I disagree with you about God being able to save Nigeria; I believe there is a remnant. There are people like you who are activists in different fields for the love of Nigeria, and for the sake of the righteous in the land, God will have mercy!
    Great article, well done Sir!

  2. Meanwhile in Nigeria, People are kidnapping ballot boxes, using all the money in the treasury for campaigns and wasting precious time before sleepy election tribunals. Mscheeew! We still have a long way to go.

  3. Those who know don’t have solution and those who have solution seems not to know…
    ”GREED” is the shortest form to define ‘HUMAN’

  4. Comment: 1914 amalgamation is the answer to the problems of Nigeria. Amalgamation of northern and southern protectorate, shows that we are not ONE. believe it or not……

  5. Is not our leaders fault, because we’re mumu, mugun we want God to come down to fight for us. Until we are ready to fight the leaders fight for our rights we remain suffering

  6. The act of governance in Britain is very transparents in contrast to what was obtainable here. First and fore most the outgone primemiister is very sincere, he allowed the voting to run freely, with out campaigns of columny. Secondly he wasn’t corrupt neither he support it, he has a clear defination of curruption is a serious stealing. There is no basis of comparing the two scenes.

  7. Comment: Nigeria may be under the rule of corrupt leaders… We all need to ask ourselves, are we not also guilty of this sin directly or indirectly in our own homes, place of work, associations and daily interactions. We all need to sincerely return to God for Us to witness the desired change.

  8. My brother you fail to understand that Britain is a developed country not a developing one like your country Nigeria it has taken them thousands of years to get where they are today they have learnt from their mistake through the ages but Nigeria is just 100 as a people I would not like to UE the word united because we ain’t united
    My brother this is where our fore fathers the British got it wrong they brought us together not to unite us but to glue us together for there economical goals, and we stupidly sorry for that word were so Eger to get our independence without letting them build this country will
    Pls look at Lagos and calabar ain’t those state a beauty of wonder there revenue ain’t a problem
    Why the white took there time there
    Look at south Africa
    Let me stop there jare
    Got to go post on my blog


  9. In my opinion, Nigeria is far more complex and diverse
    compared to the UK. Besides, it took thousands of years to develop their system and put in place the structures. The basis for comparison is unfair. I pray God give us committed and sincere leaders that would guide us through the woods…..I love my country and I do not want it break, not because I cannot survive without oil….no, I just love the diversity. Therein lies the richness and what defines us! One love!

    • I share, in fact many share in your view but many handle Nigeria like you would handle one man’s kitchen. No respect for the constituent parts and regions, which can survive without the other, because God has blessed us richly. The complexity has not been our problem but insincerity and unwillingness to solve our problems to the benefit of all equitably.

  10. Was it not this same Britain that put Nigeria and some other African and Middle East countries in the jeopardy they are in today? What we Africans should understand is that we were used for political and business experiments by Europe. Another sad thing, the most bitter part is that even our fellows turned to use us as lab rats.


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