Tears of A Bleeding Heart

The tale of the twist and turns in the life of our heroine, Mansa… Season 1 was most exciting. If you missed any part of it, here’s a quick recap of all that happened. You should go read it up before we begin season 2. Just click on the link on each episode to take you to the corresponding  page for the full story.

Here goes…

Episode 1 – Rev. Bernard, Mansa’s adopted father died and things took a drastic turn for our heroine Mansa. An old friend from the orphanage, Elvis, showed up in church and the Reverend’s wife, Mrs Bernard frowned at the relationship between him and Mansa.

Episode 2 – Mrs Bernard who was watching from her window as Elvis dropped Mansa off mistook the exchange between them for a kiss and was furious with Mansa. Her son Chris sided with her while her younger son Derek empathized with Mansa. While Derek and Mansa were discussing the matter in her room, Mansa got a call that Elvis had been in a car accident.

Episode 3 – Derek drove Mansa to the hospital to see Elvis. They were told he was in critical condition and they couldn’t see him. Rita from their church ran into Derek and Mansa as they waited at the hospital… She called to tell Mrs Bernard she’d seen them soon as she left them. Mrs Bernard visited Elvis at the hospital first thing the next morning and threatened him to stay away from Mansa. Elvis had a crisis after she left his bedside and he died. Mansa and Derek got the news when they arrived later that morning

Episode 4 – Mansa was distraught on hearing the news of Elvis death. She was inconsolabe. Derek stayed with her at the hospital until she was ready to go home. At home, Mrs Bernard wouldn’t let Mansa be, she made her dress up and get ready for church even though she had asked Rita to find someone to fill in for her. Mrs Bernard sent Mansa to get her purse and then slapped her over some money allegedly missing from the purse.

Episode 5 – Derek came to Mansa’s rescue as his mother was beating her for money she didn’t take. Even though she wouldn’t admit it, Derek knew the mix up was from his mother. He promised to reinburse her and to also talk to Mansa, just to get her off Mansa’s case. Sometime later, Mrs Bernard travelled with both her sons, leaving Mansa home alone… One night while they were away, an unknown person broke into the house and raped Mansa.

Episode 6 – Amongst other things, Mansa suffered an emotinal trauma from the rape. The family returned earlier than scheduled to meet her passed out on the floor of the living room. They assumed she was drunk. Chris carried an unconscious Mansa to her room and was going to start messing with her body when Derek showed up at her door.

Episode 7 – Derek showed up in time to stop what Chris was trying to do with Mansa while she was unconscious but Chris was now obsessed with Mansa. He was determined to satisfy his lustful desire of sleeping with her. He started being nice to her and got her to be comfortable around him. One day they were seeing a movie together and she fell asleep… Chris was going to have his way with Mansa when his own girlfriend walked in unexpectedly and caught him in the act.

Episode 8 – An unsuspecting Mansa woke up while Chris and his girlfirend Alice fought over what he was trying to do with Mansa. After she left them, Alice broke the news that she was pregnant. Derek became suspicious about his mother’s expenditures. Mansa had a dream where her late foster father tried to tell her something… She woke up feeling nauseous and she suspected she was pregnant.

Episode 9 – Derek made plans to take Mansa out on a date… Mrs Bernard was being haunted by demons. Mansa went out to buy a pregnancy kit and returned to find Chris pretending to be sick. While she took him to his room to attend to him, she dropped her pregnancy kit on the floor and Mrs Bernard found it

Episode 10 – Mrs Bernard walked into Chris’ room while Chris was trying to force himself on Mansa. He quickly turned around and alleged it was Mansa trying to force herself on him. Mrs Bernard forced Mansa to take the pregnancy test which she did and they confirmed she was indeed pregnant. Meanwhile, Chris’ girlfriend Alice came to announce to Chris that she was HIV positive. She insisted that it was Chris who infected her.

Episode 11 – Chris managed to calm Alice down before his mother heard anything and sent her home with the promise of coming to see her later. Meanwhile, Mansa ran away from an outraged Mrs Bernard and ran to church… While she wept and prayed there, she met Obed, a new guy in their church.

Episode 12 – Obed got talking with Mansa and offered to help her. He was quite reassuring and that calmed Mansa down. Meanwhile, Derek was looking for her at the house. His mother told him about Mansa’s pregnancy and he suddenly packed his things and said he had to travel. Derek, however, left a note for Mansa who showed up at the house with Obed after he had left. Obed had decided to take responsibility for her pregnancy.

Episode 13 – Mrs Bernard was suspicious about Obed coming forward to claim responsibility for Mansa’s pregnancy but she saw it as an opportunity to make some money and also get rid of Mansa. So, she tried to pressure Obed into marrying Mansa. Meanwhile, Chris accosted Mansa in her room and proclaimed his love for her… A story she didn’t buy. But he got her attention when he mentioned that he knew who raped her, insinuating Derek had something to do with it.

Episode 14 – Chris went on to reveal that Derek was actually the one who raped Mansa that night… Mansa was very pained but still wouldn’t buy Chris’ profession of love. When Obed wouldn’t fall for her schemes, Mrs Bernard insisted Mansa couldn’t live in her house with her pregnancy and Obed agreed to take her away. But before they left, Obed told Mrs Bernard things that frightened her… Things she was sure nobody knew.

Episode 15 – Mansa was living a good life in Obed’s house. They were all alone there and there were several things that Mansa found weird about Obed but she trusted him still. She even found herself falling in love with him and once, when she tried to kiss him, he pulled away. Meanwhile, Derek had returned and looking for Mansa. He had heard that Obed showed up to claim responsibility for Mansa’s pregnancy and he was angry about that. Whilst talking with his mother, trying to get details about Mansa’s whereabouts, he spilled the secret that he was the real father of Mansa’s child.

Episode 16 – Mrs Bernard was frantic after she heard that Derek was responsible for Mansa’s pregnancy. She called up Rita from the hospital and they hatched a plan to do something about it. There was a church service that evening and all of them – Derek, Chris, Mrs Bernard and Rita – went, expecting to see Mansa there. Each of them had their reasons for wanting to see her. Mansa did eventually show up with Obed and somewhere during the service, something happened. Mansa fell off her chair………..


‘Tears of A Bleeding Heart Season II’ begins tomorrow…. WATCH OUT!!!


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