We all love colour and combining them into beautiful patterns on our clothes but how do we know that they are right for our figure? A particular color pattern may look quite beautiful on paper or when you see it on a clothes rack in the store, but when you put it on, you may realize that it doesn’t quite flatter you. No matter how beautiful a color may be, it may not look good on everyone.

The only way to decide whether a particular color or color combination fits you is to simply try it on and see what the effect is. You will know if it suits you after trying on about 3 clothes in that color pattern. You probably already noticed a few colors which are definitely ‘yours’. But other than this trying approach, here are 5 classic color combinations that are more or less a good match for every body type:


1. Hot pink and blackIf there’s anything that can make you look instantly better (and be on a complete power mood as well), that thing is hot pink, am I right? But to make sure it’s also figure flattering, you’d better combine it with a good dose of black, the miracle figure slimmer and enhancer.


2. White and blackThis may seem counterintuitive if you’ve been hearing that white makes you look puffier ever since you hit puberty, and also that patterns are a no-no for girls with curves and hips. But trust me, black and white patterns are exactly what all figures need.


3. Deep blue and silverA classy combo for special occasions, this color mix will make you look as powerful and confident as Tina Turner in her glory days, and your figure will also rejoice in it.


4. Dark red and blackHonestly, if you skip the black in this combo and only go for the dark red, you and your figure will still have nothing but gain from it. Just look at how lovely Rihanna looks in this photo!


5. Red and blackAnother classic for women of all shapes, sizes and skin tones is the red and black combo. You can even wear it casually, like in a blouse plus scarf.


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