His father, Dantata, left him a will that amounted to over $12,000, though he was already a wealthy man at the time. Sanusi Dantata is the grandfather of Africa’s richest man, Dangote.

The benevolence of Dangote's grandfather, Sanusi Dantata (1919–1997)

Under British rule, according to Forbes, Dangote’s grandfather became rich trading commodities like grain oats and rice, and was one of Kano’s wealthiest citizens. In the 1960s, he was the largest licensed produce-buying agent of groundnut in the country.

Said to be benevolent, Dantata was spending about £40,000 each year to support his friends and the poor.

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He and his brother, Aminu, controlled about 200 agents involved in buying kolanut, livestock, groundnuts and merchandise, using about five autonomous levels of associates, agents, and farmers.

The system involved buying goods from restricted rural areas, transporting them to the city and storing them in warehouses.

He gave his beloved 21-year-old grandson (Dangote) a loan of $500,000 to trade in rice, sugar and cement upon graduation from a university in Cairo, Egypt.


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