From the multitude of thoughts and feelings which fill you after having a baby, one of them is surely ‘oh, I should now think about losing my baby weight’. We want to encourage you to focus on the more pleasant thoughts regarding the new bundle of joy you have in your life right now, instead of worrying about a few extra pounds. The pressure on new mothers to exhibit almost the same figure as before the pregnancy is crazy and harmful since the last thing a new mother needs in those baby blues period of time is some self-esteem issue because of this societal pressure.

1_Pregnant-womanTherefore, if you retain only one piece of advice from this post, let it be this: take it slow. As slow as possible. Your main focus now should be spending time with your baby, resting, getting ready to slowly get back to your other responsibilities as well (perhaps), and so on. Any weight loss goal should come second to any of these. The good news is that you can lose a little weight without putting a particular focus on it, while you tend to your other activities throughout the day. Not only will this slower paced weight loss be less stressing, but it will also be healthier for both you and your new baby.

These are 5 smart tips to apply without much effort:

1. Don’t starve yourself, but cut some carbs

As we said, there’s no need to start starving yourself, as that will only leave you devoid of energy and also hurt your milk supplies (if you are breastfeeding). Even when you’re not a new mother, eating too little is not a healthy way to lose weight. Still, the diet needs to start from somewhere, so what you can do is cut some carbs from your diet, as they are the main culprits behind our weight gain anyway.

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2. Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of liquids (2-3 litres a day) is a good idea not only for people looking to shed some extra weight but also for breastfeeding moms, so you can take care of two problems for one.

3. Take some vitamin supplements

Especially if you are breastfeeding, consider taking in some vitamin supplements even if the pregnancy is now over, for the period in which you plant to diet. If you cut some of your food intake in order to lose weight, you can’t afford to lose the nutrients, so take them from supplements instead.

4. Drink herbal teas

Many herbal teas help with weight loss and the production of milk at the same time. Look into ingredients like fennel, chamomile, mint, verbena etc.

5. Don’t count calories, focus on fresh produce

3_woman-eating-healthyOnce you start counting calories, you will feel inhibited and stressed out for every bite you take, so avoid this trap. Instead, focus on fresh produce, like fresh fruit and vegetables; and eat as many of those as you feel like. Try to stay away from the extra calories in croutons or salad dressings and such: just have the fresh vegetables as they are.


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