Nigerian female rapper Eva Alordiah shows another side of her with this quite scary but artistic character she created to show off her make up skills.

Eva horror pic 1_resized_2

She has proven her talent goes beyond just making music. I like the fact that she is confident enough to stay true to her craft and in my opinion she is indeed a bundle of talents but she is just one wierd lady i must say.

Eva horror pic 2_resized_2

Just in case the picture doesn’t strike you like a character from the craziest horror movie, I have put videos to help you change your mind. Lol.

If you were a movie producer, what name would you give this character?

For those of you having a hard time remembering what she looks like without the scary make up. You know I can read your mind so I have a normal picture of her here for you.

Eva normal pic 1_resized_2


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