10995258_356652251126269_1467772997_n_resizedLace is a French invention that has gained profound recognition around the world. Back in the 1600s, It was used to design garments for high profile individuals. Since then,  lace has been in demand.  I am yet to figure out what it is about lace that makes it re-surface on the fashion scene again and again. Perhaps it’s ability to reinvent itself or its just so fab we can’t have enough of it. It is sleek,  classic and ultra feminine.

This season is no doubt one of the best fashion eras lace has experienced. The versatility behind its construction to various designs is mind blowing. From Wedding dresses,  lingerie, home decoration to fashion pieces. Lace has proven its relevance across several industries. There is no exception to who can wear this trend and one of the features of lace is that it can be styled to fit your need and purpose.  Edgy,  flirty,  formal,  sweet,  fierce, stylish. However way you want it, you have the ultimate control.

You can wear lace independently or as a design on another piece. Regardless of how you choose to wear it, u can be assured of an amazing result.  Let the fun begin. Unleash the “Lace Goodnees”

Be Limitless, Be in-charge, Be the Statement!


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