Military Hospital

Lagos, Nigeria

Zainab returned to the hospital with all the items that were on the list.

She also picked Gates’ wedding picture, she needed to get some answers.

The Mourning After – Episode 14

She couldn’t help it, she was sure it made her appear jealous but she couldn’t hide her feelings any longer. She was in love with Gates and she needed to know if she was ‘the woman’ or ‘the other woman’ in his life.

She gave the items to the doctor and went into Gates’ ward.

He was sleeping.

She looked at him, he looked so handsome.

She felt like breaking the frame in her hand, then she wanted to wake him up to give her some answers. She thought about it for a few seconds then placed the frame beside his bed.

She was sure he would see it when he woke up.




Northern Nigeria

Isa was glad he had been reunited with his friends Mohammed and Bello.

It was unfortunate they would have to part again.

His joy would only be complete when he had found his sister.

Mohammed and Isa made a final attempt to persuade Bello to come with them to Lagos but he refused. Bello couldn’t leave his father and sister alone in the camp. He hoped that before long they would be able to return to their village.

“Guys, I wish you the best. May you find your sister and Mohammed may you find the new beginning you seek” Bello prayed for them.

They shook hands then held themselves in an embrace.

You Are Reading: The Mourning After – Episode 14

“One way or another, I am going to join the army and I will come back to pay the sect back for what they have done” Mohammed promised

“Let us pray that they won’t exist by the time you have joined the army” Isa Joked.

Isa and Mohammed made their way out of the camp without being noticed.

Less than an hour later, they had entered into another community and they went straight to the bus park.

“Mo, but you said there would be a bus to Lagos here” Isa queried angrily.

Mohammed was sure his information was correct.

“Yes, can’t you see the heaps of tomato over there, I am sure they want to transport them to Lagos”

Not long afterwards, an opened roof truck pulled in.

Mohammed ran to the driver and asked if he could accompany him to Lagos.

The driver brushed him off.

The man seemed to be in a lot of hurry. He opened the back of the truck and asked his assistant to quickly load the baskets of tomatoes into it.

“O Boy hurry up. We no know wetin fit happen for here anytime from now” he was scared

Mohammed and Isa patiently watched as the assistant and two other men put the baskets of tomatoes into the truck. Mohammed was getting impatient, he knew the truck was perhaps their only way into Lagos. He went back to the driver, this time he held a couple of Naira notes in his hand.

“Sir, my friend and I need to get to Lagos” he said dangling the Naira notes.

The driver couldn’t resist such an offer. He smiled and asked them to join him inside the truck. Turning to his assistant, he told him to stay at the back with the baskets of tomatoes.

Before long, they were on their way.

As they made it through dusty roads Mohammed and Isa recalled all the pleasant moments they had experience. Then they thought about how the members of the sect came and made their land and waters turn red with the blood of the innocent.

“I would love to write a book about my experiences here” Isa commented

You Are Reading: The Mourning After – Episode 14

Mohammed acknowledged that the book would be a huge success especially since it would show the world the horrible things happening in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Mohammed on the other hand had a different approach in mind.

“Isa, I swear, I am going to join the army and I will beg them to send me back to the North. I will blow the heads of those bastard” Mohammed’s voice was filled with hate.

The driver who had been quiet all the while saw the need to advice Mohammed.

“My brother, if you allow hate to consume you then you are no better than them. You should allow God to judge them”

Mohammed looked at the man as though he didn’t know what he was talking about. He was sure that if the driver had lost a few friends and family members to the hands of the sect he would think differently.

“Sir, I am sure if you have seen the way they attacked and killed member of my community, my family members and friends, you would run them down with this your truck” they all laughed

8 Hours on the road and they were getting closer to Lagos.

They had just passed the Asaba – Benin road and taken a turn at the Benin bypass.

The road was pleasant.

“Should we stop at Ore to have something to eat?”  The driver asked

You Are Reading: The Mourning After – Episode 14

Isa was too excited about getting to Lagos that he wasn’t interested in eating.

“Sir, please let’s keep going” Isa suggested

The driver looked at the time and realised he could still get to Lagos before it was too dark.

“Okay, but I will buy banana” he pointed

Isa had already reached Lagos in his mind. He had found Gates and he saw his sister. She was so happy to see him and she hugged him.

Mohammed caught him smiling and he asked,

“O boy, why are you smiling?”

Isa just smiled some more then said, “Nothing”

The road was free of traffic, just in front of them was a diesel tanker, a grey Sienna and a black Toyota highland jeep.

Their truck keep a safe distance behind.

The driver was playing loud music, Mohammed was nodding his head excitedly to the song.

Suddenly, the rear tyre of the Sienna in front of them exploded.

The driver of the car held the brake violently and the car began to somersault. As it somersaulted, it was throwing out the occupants of the vehicle.

It was a horrible sight.

Eventually, the car ran into the diesel tanker and it tilted until it began to pour diesel on the road.

The black highland moved quickly past the scene of the accident but unfortunately the truck that carried Mohammed and Isa didn’t make it through

It skid into the bush then it exploded.


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  1. OMG! Not again! notin must apen to Isa n
    Mohammed… Or, culd it be dey were lucky to be seen n rushed to d same hospital whr gates n her sista are, maybe dere dey wil mit demselves…. Hmm, 2morow is anoda day. Cant wait! Kudos DD!

  2. OMG! Not again! notin must apen to Isa n m
    Mohammed… Or, culd it be dey were lucky to be seen n rushed to d same hospital whr gates n her sista are, maybe dere dey wil mit demselves…. Hmm, 2morow is anoda day. Cant wait! Kudos DD!

  3. @ronke,its nt possible for d accident victims to be rushed to d same hospital where gates is, d accident occurred at benin Lagos road, they neva even reach ore(ondo state), hw dem wan take fly reach military hospital at jibowu yaba(Lagos state). No reason am at all.


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