The Ooni of Ife's new wife and her many scandals - Truth or Fable?


Our elders say that there is no smoke without fire but these days, not all smoke originate from fire, try your gas cooker. Since the Ooni of Ife married a new wife, tongues have not stopped wagging. Even though I’m wondering why people decided to speak up when she sort of hit ‘the jackpot’, there are many claims that have been brought forward.

Before we carry this matter on our head like a gala hawker in Lagos traffic, let me just say that I know many ladies were and are still crushing on the handsome 42-year-old Ooni of Ife. If you are one of those ladies, biko,  wake up quick! The guy is hooked like tilapia on a fisherman’s line.


The Ooni of Ife's new wife and her many scandals

Back to the matter. It is true that a lot of things happen behind closed doors but many did not expect that there will be rat carcasses behind the doors of the charming Ooni of Ife. At his coronation last year, many admired his pristine wife. She looked so graceful and he looked so royal. Both looked good without each other. The distance between the couple couldn’t have been more glaring though.

So, many weren’t shocked when months later, news broke out that they parted ways. What shocked a lot of people however, was the news which followed weeks after that like a pair of new shoes, the Ooni of Ife was getting a replacement. A new wife? Hian! Now now? Who?


Benin Agog as Ooni of Ife Weds Olori Wuraola Otiti


The Instagram monitoring spirits kept vigil, twitter busybodies began their expedition, everyone was sniffing around for the tiniest detail. Various names popped up. One princess from Ile-ife Ronke Ademiluyi was suggested as the next Olori but the rumour was quickly shut down like a foul smell. Sources close to the handsome Ooni refuted the claim, adding that the new monarch was too focused for such… we would later discover what he was focused on.


The Ooni of Ife's new wife and her many scandals


On one beautiful Instagram day, Polo Avenue boss Jennifer Obayuwana, unveiled the bride we had all been looking for. Doe-eyed, simple looking and unassuming Wuraola Otiti, a Bini princess. Google search brought almost no information about her, no social media accounts;  she was the mystery lady… until rumours hit social media.

First, an alleged old friend of the new Olori wrote a letter claiming that:

1 She was a popular Abuja big girl known as Sonia.

2. That she is destructively possessive and would break anything in sight when she sees her man with other women.

3. That she was legally married to  (a Lebanese billionaire) at Amac (Abuja Marriage registry) and that even as at December 2015 they were still husband and wife. She was even said to have married the guy to spite the Abacha family. According to the letter, she left the said former husband bankrupt and in debt.

4.That she was married to former Jigawa state governor, Saminu Turaki but the  marriage broke down when she got pregnant while Turaki was battling impotence. She later gave birth to twins who died at birth.

5.  That she allegedly had a love affair with former deputy senate majority leader, Abdul Ningi but the love affair crashed over her infidelity.

By now, you must have painted a picture of Olori Wuraola as the wicked witch from the Niger delta.
The Ooni of Ife's new wife and her many scandals
There are however some of us who are not persuaded  by hearsays, open letters of character assassination and twitter gists. Despite all that has been said and done,there are a few things we should note:

She is the Ooni of Ife’s wife

Yes o, monkey no fine but im mama like am. Whether we write a book listing all her sins to the world or not, the fact still remains that the Ooni  (or as they claim ‘the oracle’) has chosen the allegedly ‘prostitute’ woman as the Queen of Ile-Ife. Recognize it or not, this is real-life Cinderella’s story  and we know that there will always be ‘wicked step-sisters’ lurking around with their Pull Her Down (Phd) mentality. Last time I checked, every man is entitled to his choice of a wife.

…But the Ooni of Ife married another man’s wife

This particular issue doesn’t sound like an invitation to a public discussion. It is solely between the Ooni, Olori Wuraola and her alleged Lebanese husband and if neither of the parties has sued or come forward to complain to the public, I don’t know how this affects us o. Dollar is using the Naira to dance shoki every day, Bokoharam is having a funfilled day in the north, we have been queuing up at fuel stations for weeks now, there’s no electricity and even the price of pure water has increased yet, what is top priority for many people is the Ooni’s marriage? Are you sure the people in the village are not on your case?


The Ooni of Ife's new wife and her many scandals

When did we all become judges?

Yes, when did we all become judges of other people’s sins and misdeeds? By what standards exactly have we measured Olori Wuraola’s worth? So what if someone made mistakes? Nigerians on social media generally have a double standard by which they measure public figures. Someone made strings of mistakes and eventually found someone who still loves her despite her flaws and that is a problem? We must definitely have a lot of perfect guys and ladies walking all over the streets of Nigeria.

Finally my  brethren, let he who is without sin be the first to cast a stone.





  1. The ooni has found his love-bird so prattling Nigerians should bridle their tongue and mind their own business…we all have flaws too tho

  2. Davina, who u b sef, i tot u were ibinabo’s cousin wen u took up her cause d oda day, now u b advocate 4 olori, abi u b paid image builder?

  3. Jealousy! jealousy! Please, leave her alone for Christ’s sake. Is known of anybody’s business, you bloggers just trying to pull her down. Nonsense!

  4. This is an insult to Yoruba race,even if Olori is a prostitute or whatever in as much his husband is in love with him,case closed. everybody has his or her own past,leave our queen alone and face ur business.


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