The elders say that the life we live is a product of the choices we make.

Good or bad, our choices become our reality.

The Other Woman – Episode 7

Cynthia looked at Christopher and wondered where the man she married was. His eyes were cold and distant, filled with anger. She couldn’t imagine the lies grandma might have fed into his head to make him come at her in such a manner. She was particularly disappointed that he did not listen to her side of the story before bursting at her with such accusations.

“So that means, I am a nobody simply because of your mother?” she couldn’t help wondering

She was beginning to rethink her position in the house. Christopher was still standing in front of her, waiting for an answer.

She wanted to tell him that his mother deserved any insult she threw at her. She wanted to let him that his mother didn’t have the right to talk to her the way she did. But, she looked at Christopher and realised he had already chosen a side. He recalled the admonition in the bible,

“A soft answer turns away wrath”

“Sweetheart, I am so sorry. I would never do or say anything to insult grandma” she began

It was as though someone was pouring cold water on hot metal. Christopher listened to the words that came out of her mouth and he went from being a lion to being a lamb

“Now tell me, what really happened?”

You Are Reading: The Other Woman – Episode 7

Cynthia felt like telling him that he was supposed to have asked her that question before he charged at her with accusations.  But, she chose a different route.

“Grandma was upset with me about something so she didn’t listen when I tried to explain myself. I didn’t want to upset her further so I came inside.” she explained.

Christopher listened to Cynthia and gradually let go of his anger.

“So tell me, why do you think she was upset?”

Cynthia was sure that regardless of what she said, her husband would hear what he wanted to hear.

She explained that she hoped he would be able to get his mother to tell him why she was upset with her.  He smiled at her, she smile back and peace was brokered.


By the following morning, Grandma had pushed Cynthia out of the kitchen. Her goal was to push her out of the house. Cynthia didn’t put up a fight, she was sure the old woman would return to her husband’s house at some point. She knew what she could do to end the fight once and for all but she decided to play the fool.

You Are Reading: The Other Woman – Episode 7

Dolamu was getting better, she was able to sit upright in bed and walk to the restroom on her own. She could see the discord between her grandmother and her step mother, she loved them both and it made her feel so bad to witness such a sight.

“Grandma why are you angry with my mum?” she asked innocently.

Grandma scolded her sharply, “If I hear you call her your mother again …”

She didn’t complete her statement, she didn’t have to. Dolamu understood the message she was trying to pass across. She quietly sipped the pepper soup her grandmother had prepared for her and didn’t say another word about it.


When Timilehin got to school she went in search of her best friend.

“Lizzy, let’s finish the talk we started on phone” she began.

“Babe, why did you say I shouldn’t go to the party with Chima?” she asked

Timilehin could see on her friend’s face that all she wanted was her approval. She really wanted to go to the party but relied on Timilehin’s advice.

“Lizzy, you are my best friend and I won’t see danger and allow you walk into it”

Disapproval was evident in her voice, Elizabeth could hear it.

“Babe, is there something you are not telling me?”

Elizabeth could sense there was something she wasn’t telling her.

You Are Reading: The Other Woman – Episode 7


Timilehin recalled her promise to her step-mother but realised that the only way to convince Elizabeth was to tell her the entire truth. She thought about it for a few minutes then decided that her friend deserved to know the truth about Chima and Alex.

She pulled Elizabeth close and began by apologising for not telling her about it sooner. She explained how she was invited for a party by Alex. She told her about how she was almost raped by Chima and Alex but was saved by the timely intervention of her step mum and a security man.

Elizabeth listened but didn’t believe her.

“Timi, I don’t understand why you would make up such a lie.”

Timilehin was surprised, she had innocently told her friend the truth but she had taken it the wrong way.

“Lizzy, why would I lie about such a thing?” She asked

“Timi, listen to yourself? So you truly expect me to believe that Alex tried to rape you? Why would he ever do such a thing?”

Timilehin listened to her friend and realised she had made up her mind about what to believe.

“Babe, you are my best friend and I won’t watch you walk into a trap…”

Elizabeth didn’t allow her complete her statement, she hissed and walked out on her.

Timilehin watched her friend leave and quietly prayed she wouldn’t regret her decision.


… To Be Continued

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