Many people, especially in subsaharan Africa, have badly damaged skin. Whether as a result of the scorching heat or the common practice of skin bleaching. However, there’s fast-acting natural remedy found in some foods which can be eaten fresh for best results.


Pistachios and walnuts are nuts rich in vitamins B and E, which are highly functional in cell repair and regeneration. The youthful glow of the skin is maintained by vitamin B by promoting good circulation whilst vitamin E is actively potent in antioxidants which fight off cancer-causing free radicals, thereby slowing down oxidation and premature skin ageing.

Almond milk is rich in collagen-boosting copper and mineral manganese great for ultra-violent skin protection.

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Green Vegetables:

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Pumpkin, spinach, kale, and bitter leaves all maintain skin elasticity due to the phytonutrients contained in them which support sun damage protection. Pumpkin and spinach leaves are particularly loaded with beta-carotene and lutein which keep the skin firm yet elastic.


Apples and Berries are very highly packed with antioxidants and fibre which defy ageing. They also contain special nutrients which flush out skin toxins before they become breakouts. Some citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that also boosts collagen production for soft, supple skin. The copper in apples aids the production of melanin, the brown-black pigment in skin that works as a natural sun protector.

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