I still didn’t know what relationship existed between Roland and Amina but I needed to get her away from him before anything nasty happened. She was getting more furious by the minute and her panting was very visible. She was really angry.

The Story of My Life – Episode 19

“Ben, just get me out of here.” She said.

Thank God she realized that she needed to leave the scene. Paula on the other hand couldn’t utter a word. But I could tell from her look that she was feeling guilty. Upon all that Sheila and I told her, she still hung around with Roland. Well, perhaps it’s because she’s carrying his child.

I left with Amina in her car. I felt good driving her but her mood still remained the same. I needed to do something to calm her down. I didn’t know where we were driving to, all I knew was we were getting far away from Roland. She was silent all the way. The only time she talked was when she had to give direction when we got to a cross road.

Well, it wasn’t something I was expecting but here we were at her house. Amina was really living good. Her house was simply a mansion. I followed her as she went inside.

We got to the living room and she sat on the sofa. She asked me to make myself comfortable beside her. You could tell that she was still not in a good mood. I wanted to ask what relationship existed between herself and Roland but I knew that it wasn’t the right time.

Suddenly, she reached for a recorder which was on the coffee table just beside her sofa.  She looked at me and began recording.

“Dear Diary,

Today is 14th July 2015, exactly 2:15pm. I’m with Ben, whom I intend to give all my property and wealth when I finally leave this world.  Recorded by Amina.”

“What the hell just happened, what did she just do?!” I asked myself. I didn’t understand anything that was happening. Amina was turning out to be more complicated than I expected.

“Amina, what is the meaning of what you did?” I asked.

“When I’m not around, somebody needs to take care of all these. You are the only person I can think of to do a good job of that, Ben.” She said.

“But.. But Amina?” I asked.

“Ben, I know how much you love me. You loved me even from a distance, long before we got talking. I know how you want to help me and not take advantage of me, just like Roland did.” She said.

“Just Like Roland did? I asked.

“I don’t want to talk about that now. Can you please talk me sleep?” She asked. She then laid her head on my laps and closed her eyes.

You Are Reading: The Story of My Life – Episode 19

I watched her beautiful face as she lay sadly on my laps. Such a beautiful creature of God, what has she done to deserve such harsh penalty? I didn’t know what happened; my eyes became teary so I quickly wiped off the tears.

“Ben, why are you crying?” She asked.

She already sensed that I was crying.

“Oh come on, I wasn’t crying.” I said.

“You don’t have to lie Ben, shush. No more talking.” she replied.

I starred at her and I can say that that moment was the best moment of my entire life. We were quiet yet our silence said more than enough. She looked amazingly adorable as she laid there.

Now, the thought of Roland came to mind. Did he really try to take advantage of her? If he did, how? I wanted to know what really happened.

Just as I thought everything was calm with Amina having a good sleep, Roland showed up at Amina’s house. He was alone this time around.

What the hell was he doing here again?!  The more I tried to get away from this guy, the more he seemed to latch himself to me. He always found a way of showing up!

“Hmm you really got comfortable around here, this is very interesting.” He said.

That was the moment Amina realized that our privacy had been invaded. She got up quickly and all the calm of the last few minutes disappeared. I could tell she wasn’t expecting Roland to show up here.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Amina asked him.

“Well, I am not saying anything until this moron leaves here.” He said.

Did he just call me moron? Well, I couldn’t do anything about it. I knew he’d surely beat the hell out of me if I decided to punch him in the face. I won’t even think about that.

I was physically no match for him. He was way taller and tougher than me. The most I could do was fight with my mouth and hope that Amina would stop me. At least, it would show that I was a man enough.

“Hey you better watch your mouth, I won’t take your nonsense!” I said.

He glanced at me sarcastically and said “I will pretend I didn’t hear that.”

Turning back to face Amina, he asked: “Amina, are you getting this guy out before I talk or not?”

The decision was in Amina’s hands now. Well, I knew she would definitely choose me over him. As far as her health condition was concerned, I couldn’t trust her alone with Roland. She will definitely not be safe.

The situation made me wonder what was going on between them. It was a mystery to me. How did Roland take advantage of Amina?

“Ben, can you excuse us for a second” She said to me.

That came as a surprise

…. To be continued.

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