So I took my son to see the movie Yellow Bird recently. Well… Hmn! I really should have done a test run ‘Cinema’ at home with him before embarking on that journey. The last time he went to the Cinema, he was a little over 1 year and it didn’t really make much difference to him what was happening there but at 3 years plus, he had several things to say…

‘Mummy where’s the light?’ Where’s the light ke? In a Cinema???

‘Mummy, I don’t like this movie.’ Eh? So what do we do with the tickets? We shaa moved to the back seat.

‘Mummy, I want to use the rest room.’  We went and he did the ‘big one’ for what seemed like one hour! Okay, it was much less than that.

And then the Popcorn spilled twice!

Anyways, I was determined to enjoy the movie and after a while he settled in and started enjoying it as well.

The Yellow Bird is the story of a little bird, orphaned from birth. His only friend was the Lady Bug who kept urging him to go out and see the real world. On his first venture into the world, he encounters a dying Blue bird. This bird was the Patriarch of a clan of blue birds, they were migratory birds and he was planning to move them to Africa but then Wild Cats attacked him.


On his ‘death bed’ the Blue Bird kept calling for help and that was when Yellow Bird showed up. He then gave him directions to Africa and told him to pass the information over to Karl who was to succeed him and lead the birds to Africa through a route where they won’t be hurt by Iron Birds – Airplanes.

Well, by the time his family arrived, Lady Bug who had been there quickly convinced Yellow Bird to say that he was the one assigned to lead the birds to Africa. Yellow Bird did just that and though Karl opposed him he remained adamant so they let him lead. Anyway, he ended up leading them astray!

By the time they figured out he was a fraud, he admitted his mistakes and apologized. He had badly wanted to be part of a family so he saw this opportunity as one for him to join a flock. They forgave him and parted ways.

On his way out, he did a very brave thing! All by himself, he figured out that the Iron Birds were not harmful afterall, but that they could actually help the birds get to their destination faster. He went back to the Blue Birds, convinced them to enter an Iron Bird that had the logo of a Safari on it and before they knew it, they were on the warm, rich soil of AFRICA!

Wow! I loved the bird’s courage. His ability to take up leadership even when he knew next to nothing about it (of course I don’t agree with the fact that he had to tell a lie). I also like how he quickly adapted to change and used technology to achieve an objective.

Inspiring movie I must say.




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