Things you shouldn’t do when going on a trip with children

A happy family with their minivan.

There are a few things we should never take for granted when it comes to kids. Children can be mischievous, adventurous and curious (I guess that’s why we love them so much). Travelling with them can be very entertaining or in some cases a nightmare.

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So the next time you decide to embark on a journey with your kids, don’t ever do the following:

  1. Assume you have fed them so they won’t get hungry for a couple of hours
Packed lunch. Photo Credit:
Packed lunch. Photo Credit:

You may have given them something to eat before you embarked on the journey, but don’t assume they won’t get hungry soon enough. Pack some healthy snacks in a bag and see to it that you get a rubbish bag to dispose of the mess. You won’t regret this.

2. Don’t ignore their sick cries

When you hear them say they feel sick and want to poo or wee, don’t ignore them. A few minutes delay for them to do their thing is better than having the whole car wreaking of their poo and wee

3. Ignore them when they tell you they are bored

Well, they may not necessarily tell you they are bored, but don’t assume your kids will entertain themselves. You should pack some games in the backpack to keep them entertained. You can let them play games like Snakes and Ladders or you can search the Internet for word games and kids crosswords. These can be great time consumers!

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4. Forget to play some music

Play some music you know your kids love. Don’t play those old school favourites of yours, treat them to some lovely kiddies’ music you know they love so much.

5. Take sleeping for granted

Yes, those young enough to be in reclining seats would be expected to close their eyes at some point during the journey. But the energetic and those prone to over-tiredness need a little encouragement. You can pack their favourite teddy, pillow or some other form of comfort to help them relax.

6. Forget to lock the car

We all know how adventurous and curious kids can be. Most times you find kids trying out the car locks. Don’t ever forget the central lock while riding in a car with them.

7. Keep driving without taking a few stops

For crying out loud, they are kids. Take advantage of rest stops so that they can stretch their legs. Those little legs need to move!

8. Forget to bring along some books

Kids love to read entertaining stories. Don’t forget to pack their favourite books while preparing for the journey. Also, don’t leave out their favourite bedtime storybooks.

Finally, this one you must never forget. The SEATBELT! For the sake of you and your kids’ safety, always wear your seatbelts!


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