This video of a 9-year-old Nigerian boy recounting how his teacher repeatedly raped him during school hours will bring tears to your eyes


A 9-year-old Nigerian boy has told the sad story of how his teacher constantly defiled him and his other classmates, leaving him with a bleeding anus.

Facebook user, Diana Mary Nsan, who shared the story online, said the teacher’s evil act came to light after the 9-year-old boy was seen bleeding from his anus by his nanny who then informed his parents. The parents questioned him and he told them what the teacher has been doing to him.

Diana also shared a video of the little boy recounting how the accused teacher repeatedly defiled him and his classmate. The little boy narrated how the teacher would always force him to his apartment within the school premises to rape him and how the teachers he complained to never listened to him.

Watch the video below:


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