Make your children know from an early stage that reading is a very important part of mental growth.

Don’t force the child to study only things that are connected with his class or make him focus on books from school. Introduce the child to entertaining books, informative books too even animated books, this would help widen his thinking horizon.

Encourage him to borrow storybooks from the school library, from his friends(always make sure he returns after reading) or you take them book shopping, this would be very fun!

All parents can afford buying storybooks for their kids, it isn’t expensive, rather it is price friendly but ensure it is the book for their ages, avoid books with erotic content if they aren’t up to sixteen. It is very okay to go through this books before handing them over to your kids.

Fairy tales like Cinderella, Princess and the pea, Peter Pan or folk tales like Tortoise and the animals or popular books from African writers like  ‘Eze goes to school’, ‘African night of entertainment’ e.t.c…

Encourage your child to read, it improves the vocabulary and makes your baby smart!


Teach your child personal hygiene from a very early stage and it wouldn’t depart from him or her. Help him or her develop good habits like brushing twice a day, bathing twice a day, washing his or hands after visiting the toilet, closing his or her mouth while sneezing and saying ‘excuse me’ after that. Teach him to wear clean clothes and  keep his or her surroundings clean. Do this and you will have a healthy child.


Do kids save? Yes! You can teach yours …ever head of a piggy bank or ‘esusu’? those clay pots that are being sold in our local markets used in saving up cash and when it’s filled up we break it open.

Encourage your child to save up money from his pocket money or cash given to him by relatives, then you buy him a piggy bank or an ‘esusu’…this would curb the spendthrift in your child…and help him save in future!


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