Popular media personality, Toke Makinwa has disclosed that she is sad and unhappy about the current situation of things in the country.

She made this known through her twitter, expressing her thoughts.

According to her, she wondered if everyone now sees the need to appreciates ex-president Goodluck Jonathan.

According to her, she has given up on praying to God about Nigeria and all her problems.

She wrote, “I’ve had mixed emotions all weekend as to the elections, woke up this morning sad for all the lives we lost. This can’t be the Nigeria of our dreams

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“It’s not by force to win at all cost, if the people want you to lead them, it is their choice. If they don’t? It is also their choice. Do not intimidate anyone, Nigeria is not yours.

“If your government is not working, we vote you out, if the incoming does not perform, we vote them out too. Nigerians are tired, some have left seeking a better life outside, let those who believe in it get a fair chance

“The tribal insults on here, the fighting each other and disrespect for ourselves just shows we are no different from the leadership we complain about daily

“Ballot box snatching, burning down election materials cos you are dissatisfied it’s not going in your Favor is weak! If you lose, lose with some dignity, I hope we all appreciate Goodluck now. Sighhhhh

“My people perish for lack of knowledge”, in the case of Nigeria it is not lack of knowledge but “Poverty”…. Poverty of the mind is the worst kind. God help us all

“I even get tired of calling God into our matter as Nigerians, he has given us so much, blessed us so much. Our problem is man-made, selfishness, greed, lack of love

“The bloodshed is disgusting if this can happen in 2019, how ready are we really for the change we crave so bad? It is not by force, if we don’t want you, leave us with the consequence, of who we elect does not do us right we meet again in 4 years and we do the same.”

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