Did you know that there are some awesome home remedies that tea has to offer other than just refreshing our minds and energizing us? Tea is an all-rounder and solves most of our issues related to skin and health.

Below mentioned are a compilation of few amazing beauty remedies using tea:

To reduce puffy eyes:

Tea is of great rescue to soothe puffy eyes. Caffeinated tea helps in constricting blood vessels and decreasing the swelling too. Steep 2 tea bags of your choice in hot water and keep it for about 3 to 4 minutes. Once the tea bags have cooled down, it is ready to use. Lie down and close your eyes and place these over each of your eyelids and then cover it with a soft cloth.

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Burnt skin:

Tea can be very useful as a remedy for mild burns on the skin. The tannic acid present in tea helps in drawing heat from a burn. Just put 2 to 3 tea bags under a spout of cold water and the tea should be collected in a small bowl. Dab this liquid on the site of burns.

Dark under eye circle:

All of us have some time or the other have suffered from dark under eyes and since the area around the eyes are very sensitive; everything we apply on the face cannot be applied under the eyes. Therefore we should always go for something mild and that is a tea bag. After you use tea bag for your regular tea, store this tea bag in the fridge. Then when you are feeling tired or even as a daily beauty routine, place this tea bag, one each on your eyes and relax for good ten to fifteen minutes. Repeat this daily to get rid of dark circles.

Makes hair shiny:

Brewed tea happens to be a good conditioner, especially for dry hair! You may rinse your hair with tea and then wash your hair with plain water.

Mouthwash and toothache:

Peppermint tea is a good remedy for toothaches, pain and it also a good mouthwash. Simply rinse antiseptic peppermint tea with a little salt. This will take care of the bacteria affecting the mouth.

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Remove foot odour:

Soak your feet in strong tea for around 20 minutes every day, not only is it relaxing but it also helps to reduce the foot odour.

For good breath:

Gargling with strong tea can help you to decrease bad breath and have good breath.


Tea helps in healing warts too. Just press a warm as well as a wet tea bag on the wart for about 20 minutes every day. This will reduce warts.


Tea can be used to soothe sunburns too, place wet tea bags on the skin affected by sunburn or you may also choose a full soak in a tea bath to soothe full-body sunburn.

Beautiful skin: Last but not the least if you wish to have beautiful skin then go for a full bath in green tea, this will boost the skin and make it beautiful.



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