shutterstock_219899209Before getting on with your fitness routine, you know you must make certain preparations so you’re ready to take on the effort at your max capacity. For example, we probably all know the difficulty (and health hazard) of starting a workout in full swing without getting a proper warm-up before. It can lead to serious strains or joint injuries, which is precisely why we do get that warm-up before starting the actual exercising or running routine.

But it’s the same story with food. Just as exercising on an empty stomach is not recommended, some foods are better than others. Today we will talk about which foods are the very worst ones to eat before a workout, the kind that sap your energy instead of giving you more, and that make your overall training session much less effective that it could’ve been.

1. Junk food (burgers and fries)Article_3_Picture_1This should go without saying, but we’ll say it again nonetheless: yes, junk food really is bad for you. Even if you, say, make that burger and fries (or pizza or whatever) at home and make sure you only use healthy ingredients, eating that much fat and carbs and protein directly before your workout will still make you slower and less effective.

2. Too many sweetsArticle_3_Picture_2The same story goes for too many sweets. While having a few little pieces of chocolate isn’t a bad idea, after you also had a proper light meal, since it may give you an energy boost, having mostly sweets is definitely a bad idea. It will make you feel energized for a short while and then make you crash (the textbook definition of a sugar high).

3. Too many liquidsArticle_3_Picture_3Drinking water is always a good idea before, during and after a workout, but stick to little sips. If you have too much at once, your belly will just be full of liquid and it will hinder your movement.

4. Plain vegetablesArticle_3_Picture_4Eating too ‘healthy’ as in a low-calorie meal isn’t recommended either, as you’ll have too little energy.

5. Protein shakes Article_3_Picture_5Even if these are highly advertised as helping out with your fitness training, the truth is that no shake and supplement is as good as a balanced diet.



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