We have rules for almost everything, table rules, rules for schools, rules in church e.t.c. there should be rules that your kids must adhere to while you take them an outing. These rules shouldn’t be negotiated, they must abide by them all to prevent you from getting embarrassed. Don’t act surprised, children can often bring embarrassment to their parents. Outings could include picnics, birthday parties, e.t.c

Here are the things your kids must do before the outing and while they’re at the outing venue:

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Teach your children to always appear neat and responsible. This isn’t about wearing the best of their clothes, someone can wear the best of their clothes and still look tattered or unkempt. They should take their bath, brush their teeth, wear clean and well-ironed clothes in order to look neat.

Any child that refuses to abide by this very important rule shouldn’t be taken outing. Would you like to have a tattered child walking by your side?


This greatly depends on the kind of outing, if it’s a birthday party or a wedding where food wouldn’t be served on time, please give your kids something to eat before you leave the house. This would prevent them from getting hungry and becoming a nuisance and a great distraction for you.

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This is a very important rule. You must speak to your kids on this important rule before you all leave the house.

Warn your child sternly to be contented with whatever he or she is given, even if they aren’t given anything, they should still be contented.

If your child goes for a party and starts to quake once food is served or begins to cry or scratch a part of his body, you will definitely be embarrassed. So make sure you warn them against such actions.

In case you are going to a shopping mall, warn them against the ‘mummy I want this one, mummy buy this’ attitude. They should learn to be contented with whatever their parents can afford.

I know it’s hard for kids to abide by all these rules, but it’s worth a try.


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