Oh, what a difference THE makes. Just last week, we were showing you the trailer for The Prodigy, which features Orange is the New Black favourite Tayler Schilling as a mother with a possessed son. Today, we have the film Prodigy, which falls within a similar groove but is a much different movie. We forgive you for confusing the two.

October Coast has released the first trailer and poster for Prodigy, which unleashes a global unconsciousness on planet earth. This is the end for humanity, and this time, it looks serious. From writer-director Nathan Leon, Prodigy has been nominated for 4 ICFF Awards Including Best Picture. This lung-shrivelling horror drama will premiere on VOD this December. So get ready for an apocalyptic Christmas.

Erik Black is a broken soul due to the loss of his wife. He spends his days alone and self-medicating. All of that changes when his estranged son asks him to help him reach an undisclosed destination. There, he says, he will receive a divine message he believes will change the course of humanity. To survive they must stick together while fostering a belief in something greater than themselves.

Prodigy stars Tyler Roy Roberts (Z Nation), Cory Kays (Looking for Andrew) and King Amir Allahyar (Facade), on VOD December 4 and DVD January 1 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

Prodigy marks the feature directorial debut for Nathan Leon. He got his start as a filmmaker working on the 2013 short D.O.A. before moving onto the documentary The Sidewalk Chronicles in 2014, which studied the juxtaposition of abortion and adoption. He also turned in the short Limbo before moving onto Prodigy, which he wrote the script for himself.

Tyler Roy Roberts headlines Prodigy as Jericho. He’s only been working as an actor since 2014, but has racked up over twenty credits in the years since. He made his big screen debut in the 2014 crime drama 7 Minutes. He has since appeared on the TV series Z Nation, with Prodigy serving as his first leading role. He is joined by Cory Kays as Eric, who will next be seen in Top Secret Crush and Pot Dogs. King Amir Allahyar rounds out the main cast, starring as Gabriel. You might know him from his turn in the 2016 crime drama Facade. He also appeared in the 2018 movie Beloved Beasts.

You can check out the first trailer and poster for Prodigy from October Coast. Again, this isn’t to be confused with Taylor Schilling’s new horror thriller of (almost) the same name. Both look equally scary. Perhaps they will make for the perfect double feature this winter.


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