Burns are a result of action upon the organism from different physical and chemical agents; gases, vapors, liquids, solids, radiations, electricity e.t.c

They are very frequent.

In first and second degree burns which do not affect large part of the body, cold packs should be applied to ease the pain. Alternatively, the affected area can be placed under a stream of cold water.

The burn may be protected by a simple oil-based dressing with antibiotics which will prevent it from sticking and protect it from infections.

Each time the wound is touched the hands need to be thoroughly washed.

It is preferable not to burst any blisters.

If the burn is the result of coming into contact with chemical agents like acids, bases, phosphorus e.t.c, the surface must be rinsed with copious amounts of water, e.g under a shower.


If they are burns, because of the extent or depth, they must be touched as little as possible.

In such cases, one is limited to isolating the burn victim and taking off the least amount of clothing possible.

The clothing should be loosened or cut off, avoiding taking it off, which might traumatize the burn lesion.

The burnt areas must be wrapped in the cleanest cloth possible which has been also ironed or better still, by using sufficient quantities.


While waiting for the doctor, or on the way to the hospital, the afflicted individual must be covered up so as not to lose body heat.

The doctor will handle the shock should it develop, as well as states of agitation, the prevention of tetanus, and other infections, local antibiotic applications and the perfusion and replacement of body fluids.

Any flame no matter how small must not be left within reach of a child’s curious, restless hand. Watch your kids carefully and keep away things that may pose danger to them.


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