This is one of the most common skin pathological processes. It is an acute or chronic inflammation of the skin caused by different factors and which can have diverse manifestations; erythema, edema, vesicles, exudates, lichenification, scabs, and scales.

We shall only refer to allergic eczema, seborrhea eczema, and contact eczema.

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It is not uncommon for babies and young children. In general, it appears on the face or on other areas which reddish, slightly lumpy spots on which tiny nodules or vesicles appear producing severe itching.

The first step is to prevent the child from scratching and thus infecting the affected skin. The nails must be cut and, if necessary, the child’s fingers must be wrapped in gauze or a rag to prevent from scratching.

Only medicines prescribed by the doctor or specialist must be used and a sterile gauze must be used and a sterile gauze must be used to cover the affected areas at night.

No water or soap are to be used to wash the affected area, but rather a product also prescribed by the doctor or olive oil may be used.



A vegetarian diet without salt must be followed. If this is not enough, limit food fresh fruit and vegetables or even fast for a short time.

Eczemas which dry the skin will require the addition of sunflower corn or soybean oil rich in vitamins A and E and polyunsaturated fatty acids.


Apply baths of chamomile, oak bark, oat bran, and bran. After the bath, dry carefully and apply the cream or ointment prescribed by the doctor on the affected part.



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