Trendy Mehndi hand art anyone?


Trendy Mehndi hand art

There’s a new Asian fashion trend known as the Mehndi body art with Henna. Henna is a plant which takes it origin from the Arabian world, introduced into India, It has become one of the basic components of dressing up for weddings, devalis, birthings and circumcision ceremonies. in the 18th century, henna was popularly used to stain and condition hair and nails by binding the protein keratin which makes up hair and nails. it was also used for special Ayurvedic medicinal properties in treatment of scalp dandruff and hair loss, also for skin in the treatment of offensive body odors emanating from women. Other uses were for treating bleeding piles, Asthma, cough and dysentery.

Trendy Mehndi hand art 2

Although Henna is grown in a very hot climate, ironically, it possesses the ability to cool the skin, which was why it was used on the soles of the feet of women to tone down the impact of the heat. This cooling effect would last for as long as the paste was on. However, as the paste dries up, it left patterns in the skin which can last anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. The patterns gave people the ideas for the designs and decorations to start this tradition. This traditional and cultural influence of henna designs has become quite popular to women of the Western world as well such as Rhianna, Erka Bhadu, Madonna, Gwen Stephani and Pink and Beyonce to name just a few. We expect to see more of this Mehndi in the fashion seasons ahead.

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