Trimming fit for Christmas

During the Christmas holidays, with all the plenty celebrations, people will tend to drink and eat a lot. It is therefore wise to exercise with the family, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Here are some tips to take into consideration as you enjoy that sumptuous Christmas dinner:

  • Remember that during the holidays, there are more activities compared to regular days and it is quite easy to pile on the weight if you are not exercising. It is therefore advisable to eat just as much to keep your metabolic rate up, but more of vegetables and fruits.
  • Meals like pies, chicken, turkeys and sweets should be ingested in moderation, even though it’s a festive period and there’s some allowance for you to indulge.
  • You can balance it by exercising out the excess calories… Engage in activities like skipping, sprinting, or pressing up for a few minutes everyday so you won’t feel so guilty!
  • Incorporate fun exercises which can be season themed, for instance this Yuletide; you can go ice skating or take long winter walks. Remember that when you exercise in the cold you tend to burn more calories than you would doing the same routine indoors.
  • Dancing off the pounds is also an excellent choice! One I happen to prefer above all else.

Trimming fit for Christmas 2


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