If you were asleep last night while Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off, I wonder if you are ready for the rapture. The world was served a hot plate of jollof rice-like real time entertainment.

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Hours before the First Presidential debate that would see Americans listen to a career politician and a reality TV show billionaire prove their suitability for the white house, there were many questions flying all over the media. The most ridiculous of the many puzzling questions asked and debated by many Tv show anchors and political analysts and supporters was “Which Donald Trump would show up for the debate?”
I had wondered if we would suddenly see a Donald trump with dark long hair, a pink suit, high heels and all sorts. While we were awaiting the Trump Abracadabra, his campaign did a fantastic job lowering expectations of the public for the Temperamental Businessman. But one thing they failed to realize is that like most school examinations, whether you decide to study or galavant all around the place saying ‘I’m not preparing’, the day of the examination would come and you will be tested on the same level as those who have prepared.
At that point, sitting in an air-conditioned room would suddenly feel like sitting in an oven and the ceiling of the examination hall would suddenly become a fascinating sight.
If there’s anything most viewers (no matter what party they support) agree on from the Trump Vs Clinton debate is that the weeks Hillary Clinton spent studying for the first presidential debate paid off.
Photo credit: thesun.co.uk
Photo credit: thesun.co.uk
If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. SIMPLE. Clinton brought substance, knowledge, tolerance, facts and experience and even though Trump had his moment while discussing his trade policies especially, Hillary came prepared! The moment she appeared  in her red pant suits (I give her stylist some credit for the choice of colour), we saw a gladiator take the stage well armed for the offensive stance she argued from for most part of the debate. Her body language and carriage exuded power and her punchlines were well-fired ammunition.
You don’t tell the tortoise when you are coming for war, you give him time to perfect his con.
Sorry Trump, even boys scouts will tell you that preparation matters. Hillary prepared for the debate and she’s definitely preparing for the Presidency of the United States of America.
Score line: 1-0
We look forward to the remaining 2 presidential debates.


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