“I see, but I don’t believe you. I know all about you Isabella. I know things you don’t even know about yourself.”

“We’re coming for you princess.”

Twist of Fate – Episode 8

Before Isabella could even take a well needed breath he had slipped out of her sight to the main hall. Isabella stood still. Her heart felt like it was beating a thousand times a second.

“I know all about you Isabella.” The words echoed in her mind. “I know things you don’t even know about yourself.” What the hell was that supposed to mean?

“We’re coming for you Princess.” From his words, she knew that someone was coming for her. The question was who?

“Isabella” she heard a voice calling from behind. She lifted her head and saw Robert and May staring at her from the doorway. When they saw her tear stained face they quickly made their way over to her.

“I…I” Isabella stuttered, unable to speak. May rushed forward and cupped Isabella’s face in her hands. “Are you okay?” Tears started to fall from her eyes again as she looked at her friend’s worried face. May led her friend to her chambers where they spent the night together.

The next morning, Isabella awoke to an empty bed. Her heart sunk into her stomach, her friend had gone. She noticed a folded slip of paper on the pillow next to her. She sat up at once and read the note.

I was called upon in the early hours with some urgency. I left without waking you because you looked so peaceful and I didn’t want to disrupt your beauty sleep. I hope you’re feeling better.
Yours May.

The castle seemed unnaturally quiet and still. The silence of the castle disturbed her. She wanted to see where everyone was. There was a small knock on the door and Princess Miranda the younger sister of Princess May peered around the frame.

“Hi Miranda” Isabella greeted her with a wide smile but it dropped when she saw the younger girl’s tear-stained face. “Miranda, what happened? Are you alright?” She rushed over to her and wrapped her arms around her shoulders.

“They won’t let me see him.” She cried.

“See who darling?” Isabella asked.

“Father. They won’t let me see him one last time!” She was wailing now.

“It’s okay.” Isabella had no idea what she was saying, of course it wasn’t okay.

“Let’s go and see if we can find your mother, I’m sure she’ll know what’s going on.” Isabella held her hand as they made their way out of the room. If what she had gathered from what Miranda had said was true, something bad had happened to the king.

Isabella headed straight to Robert’s room. She knocked on the door several times but no one answered. They then made their way to the king’s chambers. Isabella took a deep breath before entering.

You Are Reading: Twist of Fate – Episode 8

The guards looked sympathetically at Miranda as they held the doors open for them. To the left, she saw May being comforted by Prince Jared. Isabella turned to look at the center of the room and saw Queen Candace on her knees by the side of the bed; her hands were clasped together as she prayed silently.

She then moved her gaze up to the bed and saw that sheet had been pulled all the way up to the headboard concealing the body beneath it. Beside the bed was Uncle/Prince Damien who was looking steadily at Isabella.

“Isabella, you’ve joined us at a very sad time.” That was uncle/prince Damien.

“Father?” Princess Miranda ran towards the bed. Queen Candace looked up from her position and saw her third child running towards her.

Robert quickly stepped in and scooped his sister up before she could see who occupied the bed. “No! I want to see him!” She began wailing again and trashing against his hold. Jared rush to his friend’s side to help try and calm Miranda down.

Three days had come and gone since the passing of the king and the whole castle had fallen into deep silence. It had been three days since Robert found his father dead and they were still not closer to finding out what happened or who did it.

The study door flew open and his mother stood in the doorway with shaking hands. “Mother what is it?” he asked.

“Robert, I took the bowl of food that was by your father’s bed and had it tested.” She handed a piece of paper to him.

“Mother, food poison?”
“Yes, my son.”
“Who do we blame, mother?” asked Robert.

“Josephine, the chief cook because she prepares food for the king,” answered the Queen.

“But why on earth would Josephine poison father’s food? She has nothing against him! If it was her, why didn’t she try and kill the rest of us? Kill the whole family with one batch of food.” Said Robert.

“I don’t know Robert but we can’t rule her out of the list of suspects. It could be anyone.” The Queen said that and made her way out of the study room.

Robert slowly sat back down at the desk and held his head in his hands.

A timid knock on the door caught his attention. “Enter”

The door opened to reveal Isabella. She was carrying a tray filled with food.

“I just went down to the kitchen to collect your sisters’ meals and I thought I’d bring you something up as well.”

… To be continued.

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