Russell drew a dagger from his belt and leaned over Damien. “You took it too far Damien. I was willing to help you take her to the Krio king and claim our reward but that was never the plan for you.” He pointed the dagger at Damien’s chest.

Twist of Fate – The Final Episode

“You actually believed I would hand over half of the gold to a boy like you? You’re even a bigger fool than I thought you were.” Damien chucked darkly.

Isabella screamed in horror as Damien raised a small blade and planted it in Russell’s throat. She threw her hands over her mouth as Russell looked down at the smirking Damien in shock, blood oozing down his neck.

Russell’s eyes met hers in a quick glance before he dropped to his knees and then fell to the ground. Isabella looked away from Russell’s paling body and saw Damien glaring at her. The look he was giving her suggested that she was next.

“Change of plan Princess.” Damien’s voice seeped into her head. “If I can’t marry you, I’ll just have to kill you instead.” Isabella spun around on the heel of her foot and threw herself against the door.

“Robert, quick! He’s going to kill me!” Isabella pounded on the door with her fists as panic began to consume her. “Stand back Isabella, away from the door” Robert answered. Isabella stumbled back and turned to see Damien slowly making his way towards her, the bloody dagger held tightly in his hand.

He charged at her but before the scream could escape her throat, the door flew open, forcefully knocking Damien backwards. Robert stormed into the room, his eyes searching around for Isabella. He soon spotted her and hurried over. “Isabella are you okay? Has he hurt you?”

The soldiers that had followed Robert entered the room and grabbed Damien by the arm. “I told you, you will pay for all the pain you have caused us.” Robert said to Damien and in one swift movement, he chopped off his head with his sword.

“We need to go now” Isabella shouted. The priest rushed past them and Isabella felt her whole body tense. She turned her head just as the soldiers pulled the door close and set it ablaze.

“It’s okay, it’s over now. You’re safe. Robert said as he wrapped his arm around her body and held her tightly. Robert waited patiently for Isabella’s tears to stop before leading her back into the hall where the others were waiting.

You Are Reading: Twist of Fate – The Final Episode

When they entered the room, May’s head snapped up and she rushed over to them throwing her arms around both of them. “That bastard finally got what he deserved” Jared said as he pried May away from Isabella.

“Now let’s get out of here.” Robert said.

“Wait!” Isabella shouted stopping the others in their tracks. Robert frowned at her. “Isabella we really need to go. This place is in ruins, it could cave in at any moment.” He grabbed her hand and stared pulling her towards the door.

“No, what about my father?” She pulled her hand out of his grasp and rushed over to the man that sat on the floor with his knees tucked under his chin. Before Isabella could reach him a hand tightly encased her wrist and pulled her to a stop.

She turned and saw an angry and frustrated Robert. “Are you out of your mind? What are you doing?” He hissed. Isabella narrowed her eyes at him. “Let go of me!” The determination in her voice shocked him and he let her arm slip from his grasp.

Isabella turned her back to him and walked over to her father. She lowered herself onto her knees. “Father?” She whispered.

“No, no, no,” he murmured. The man began to wail.

“I’m not going to hurt you father, please talk to me.” Isabella whispered.

Robert and Jared edged closer to the man, their hands resting on the handle of their swords. “I’m sorry your highness. I am not your father. It was part of Damien’s plan for me to act like your father. I’m sorry I caused you pain, please forgive me your highness.” He then drew a dagger from his pocket and plunged it straight through his heart.

Robert held Isabella tightly as she wept in his arm. He knew she wasn’t crying for the stranger in front of them but for her own parents. They wasted no more time, they headed straight for the main doors leading into the courtyard. Waiting for them outside were the other soldiers. It was time to go home.

You Are Reading: Twist of Fate – The Final Episode

“Oh thank heavens” Queen Candace cried as they arrived the palace. She threw her arms around both Robert and Isabella. It had taken them nearly two days to get back from Isabella’s homeland. “Thank God you’re all safe,” She pulled away and embraced May. Miranda ran forward and hugged Robert tightly.

“Isabella,” Robert whimpered as he reached for her but instead of stepping closer, her knelt down on one knee. “Isabella, I want to love and cherish you for eternity. Would you do me the honour of marrying me?”

Isabella’s eyes widened in shock as Robert reached into his pocket and pulled out the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. “I don’t know what to say” She whispered looking up at the Queen. “What about Dutse Kingdom? What happens to my people? When the news travels that I’m alive, they’ll be relying on me…”

“Everything will be okay. I already discussed the matter with my mother a long time ago and we both think the best solution is to unite our kingdoms. Our marriage would join our kingdoms together, we will be a stronger kingdom and I can protect your people.”

“Very well then. I love and admire you Robert. Yes, I will marry you.”

Soon as Robert heard the words he was dying to hear, he connected their lips in a passionate kiss.

……………………… THE END ……………………………………………..

You Have Been Reading: Twist of Fate – The Final Episode

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