We live in a computer age where social media is gradually taking over everything, we do business via social media, we get to relax by reading posts or watching pictures, there’s so much to gain from it.

The Facebook community is a mix of different categories of people. Some have a lot to offer, others are just there to pass time or cure their boredom, while others are there to make you go nuts.

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Here are the categories of people you’ll always find on facebook or any other social media platform:


These set of people make facebook very interesting, without people to write down ideas or write on a social vice, facebook would’ve been such a boring place. Writers could further be divided into three classes:

-the intellectuals(their posts are always on social vices and criticisms on the government)

-the motivational writers

-the comedians(they make facebook worth it)


People are getting smarter by the day, instead of wasting their megabyte and time doing nothing on facebook, these set of people who are determined to succeed, use the platform to advertise their business with the hope of gaining more customers, most times, it usually pays off.


Do you have that friend whose timeline is all about pictures of them? They have nothing else to offer but pictures and they can tag for Africa.

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Ha! These set of people can make your life miserable, they just want us to know that they’re making it in life.

We have that lady that keeps advertising her marriage or her boyfriend and tells us how nice he treats her, how he is the best in the world.

We have that fine fair girl who takes pictures standing next to exotic cars or some expensive hotel.

We have those that post pictures of them carrying out charity works e.t.c we all have show offs on our list.


These set of people are fanatics, they are really crazy if you want to look deeper into their matter. They turn everything to a religious argument, sometimes your post may have nothing to do with religion, but you’ll see them quoting a bible passage or saying something out of context.

These are the kolomentals for you.

6-Others include: the feminists, the atheists, the facebook celebrities e.t.c.


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