US rapper makes donation of $45,000 to build water towers in Mozambique


US rapper

Houston-based rapper Bizzle, CEO of God Over Money records has made his largest single donation of $45,000 to build water towers in cc.

He was keeping a promise he made to fans who purchased his last album ‘Well Wishes’. According to the rapper, at the time of raising the money he only had $60 in his family’s personal checking account.

“It felt like God was really putting me to the test, especially with me being Mr. God Over Money. He doesn’t usually let the jar get this empty before he fills it back up, but I’ve never seen it hit the bottom. God is good,” Bizzle said. “God willing, this will be a permanent solution. We’re not just providing water for a single day, but we’re giving them new plumbing that can literally save lives.”

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