Here are some useful tips you could apply while answering a call:

Be polite

If you don’t see the caller identity there’s no need to get rude. Sometimes a strange number could call you. ‘strange’ here means, only the number appears without a name. always be polite when a strange number calls, it may be someone you’ve known but your phone deleted their number off(viruses can do this). Be polite in your response even if the person is a total stranger. It takes nothing for you to be polite to others.

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Do not answer a call while standing close to the generator or when you’re at the filling station or while your phone is still charging. This is to avoid any form of explosion that may result to fire outbreak.

-Don’t answer calls when you are in someone’s office especially your superiors at work. This shows lack of respect and focus. Keep your phone in the silent mode and return the call once you are out of their office.

Also, when you are in the middle of an important meeting, the ringing of your phone could be a great distraction to others.

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-Don’t answer calls in the bank, church, mosque and other places of worship. It’s rude to receive calls while the message is going on, you could excuse yourself and receive your calls far from your place of worship.

-Don’t make it a habit of switching off your phone at night. It’s quite understandable when one’s phone battery is exhausted, but no matter what, don’t switch your phone at night in case of an emergency. If the need arises, you could easily be reached and that problem could be easily averted.

-Don’t be too loud while receiving your calls, you don’t want people tp listen to your conversation, do you?


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